write your nationality with a pencil

Some are protesting that the make-up of the alleged ‘Team GB’ which will be competing in the 2012 Olympics has drifted too far from the old idea of ‘I or my Parents were was born here, so I can represent my Country’ has been proven to be just a medal-winning sham.

When we have ‘British athletes’ from Ukraine in the Wrestling, a British-Somali national who runs under the name ‘Mo’, which is of course the short form of Mohammed Farah (wonder why he is maybe ashamed of his name?), along with a Cuban triple-jumper who seems to have done her own triple-jump from Cuba to Sudan to Britain; as well as many more. One other name springing, or rather hurdling, into view is American-bornTiffany Porter, who seemingly wishes to run for Britain but somehow cannot bring herself to learn or sing our National Anthem.

We have, I believe, accepted the lunacies of the Chinese Olympic singing selection criteria on the grounds that the deceit regarding the two small singers was only discovered after the event, as it were, but I always thought that the boundaries of Nation were sacrosanct. I still remember the lunacies surrounding Zola Budd’s British citizenship, and the Olympic race which descended into farce. She should not have been given a British passport, but the rules were bent for her, and those ‘bends’ have grown more blatant ever since.

Baron De Coubertin’s ideal, expressed in his words “The important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle, the essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.” seem to have not only been forgotten, but totally trashed. The ‘big boys’ of Politics, of which the Olympics seem to be just another side display, are only interested in one thing, the Medal count, and it was ever thus. It does not sit well with the spending of £10 billion of taxpayers money, just so a transplanted Cuban or Ukrainian can wave their golden trophies aloft, whilst saluting a Flag and a Nation for whom they have neither loyalty, nor respect!

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