but with a whimper….

With all the Lib-Dem led Coalition Government’s pronouncements on Homosexual marriage, alongside all the other garbage promoted by the ‘sandal-clad weirdy-beardies’ who seem to inhabit the parallel universe of LIB-=DemLand, one would honestly believe that the world has been set to rights, and all is well in LaLa Land.

In the real world, however, things are speedily getting worse. The ritual slaughter gains momentum in Syria. The patient groans of a whole Nation Slave State leaking out across the 38th Parallel. The undefying spectacle of units of the Royal Navy moored alongside the United States Sixth Fleet giving backing to the Khalifa dictatorship in Bahrain.  The spread of Muslim fundamentalism across North Africa, as well as in fractured Nigeria. The cess-pit formerly known as Zimbabwe. The pot-stirring down around Argentina, where yet another would-be tin-pot rants about the unwillingness of some 3,000 Falklanders to accept that they aren’t British any more.

The list goes on, and what does our Government rant on about? The need to allow pairs of homosexuals or lesbians to call themselves ‘married’! And just to add to the gaiety (sorry for the pun), just try and imagine what the ceremony will be called when you get two members (sorry for the second time) of the thoroughly mixed-up bunch who revel in the sadly-titled ‘Transgender’ wishing to tie the knot?

Just as a matter of idle curiosity, how much of the hysteria generated in the past few weeks on the specific subject of homosexual ‘marriage’ has actually been generated by those of the homosexual persuasion? Not a great deal, in truth hardly any; as most homosexuals just wish to get on with their lives, and just don’t want anything to do with a political parade pushed by a set of hypocrites. And just again as a matter of idle curiosity, when did we ever see a parade of people who were claiming ‘not’ to be homosexual?