Yerse, my yacht is moored around the corner!

When the Benghazi Libyans rebelled, and began the long march, aided by NATO, which ended with Gaddaffi dead, some of his family dead alongside him but more escaping to boltholes such as Niger, a few of the excesses of this madman and his dictatorship became evident. The marble-clad palaces, the weaponry stores, the escape routes, the huge bank balances; all were as forecast. But not many could know, as has now been revealed that Hannibal Gaddaffi, frustrated that he couldn’t order a cruise-liner to sail at his convenience, decided to order his own. The cruise company’s spokesman stated ““They had great difficulty understanding that cruise ship holidays are sold a year in advance, so there’s no way you could ever find availability of a cruise vessel at the notice he gave,”

Shipbuilders STX France had landed the $100 million order, which included such absolute necessities as its own shark tank, gold taps, ( which one just cannot do without, naturally) along with marble everythings, (one cannot walk upon ordinary carpet, you understand; carpets are for the little people!), and after the new regime took over, the cash flow stopped, and the order was abruptly cancelled.

If the Arab Spring had not occurred; just imagine, you are in a Mediterranean port, and this well-dressed foreign bloke says “Would you like to visit my yacht?” and you said “Yes please!”