and how do you know they are lying? Its the lips moving that gives it away1

Listening to the BBC Today Programme before 7.00 a.m., no link, and was rewarded once again by a large dollop of pre-digested BBC spin on Northern Ireland.

Seems SinnFeinIRA has got itself on a jolly ‘documented exploration journey’ to South Africa along with some brainwashed P.S.N.I. officers for a ‘update’ on the possibilities of a Independent Truth Commission for ‘The Struggle’.

Nothing was said about the real reasons why a bunch of killers want to establish this Commission, but one of them could be found within SinnFeinIRA’s own mouthpiece when it states “The issue of state killings and of collusion – which was an administrative practice and part of the British government’s strategy – must also be dealt with.”

And we, the people who watched as the killers blasted, bombed and shot their way into a ‘Peace Process’ can now look forward to a time when, aided once again by a pliant and compliant State Broadcaster whose sympathies lie totally with the murderers, they will parade how they were ‘fighting a war’, and the British government was to blame for all the deaths and suffering because we didn’t roll over fast enough!