pudding & pie

It is with much pride and delight that I present to you the newest and possibly the best Recruitment Agent that UKIP has ever employed. Yes, folks, with a single ‘throw-away’ line during his marathon smash-and-grab speech, George Osborne has set our UKIP phone lines into ‘jammed’ mode as literally thousands of disillusioned pensioners, the majority of whom have voted Conservative through thick and thin, are moving ‘en masse’ to swell our ranks, both as voters and as volunteers.

By describing the removal of the tax break as a “simplification” demonstrates that not only does the Chancellor not care about a large portion of his core vote, he wishes his contempt to be widely known.

As not only Cameron but also Osborne have demonstrated their specific contempt for the vast majority of their supporters in so many ways, we here at UKIP would state that we really appreciate that truth coming out now, rather than just before the General Election, where the two liars might have fooled a few.