all the news which they wish you to know….

Lets face it, the cavortings of the rich, celebs and the idle do not figure greatly upon my horizon; but there are certain times and with certain people that the more light is shed upon the  cavortings of one family, and even of one member of that family, the better for all concerned.

As the drug cartel murders and general  mayhem spread throughout Mexico, few areas have been untouched by the bloodshed generated by a mixture of greed, ruthlessness and terror. The war between the cartels has damaged the serenity of the tourist haunts, and the State Department has issued travel warnings to all Americans, citing the figure of 47,515 deaths in narcotics-related violence in five years.

But obviously those warnings don’t apply to someone who has access to at least twenty-five heavily armed guards travelling alongside her and her friends, and who can then go to Oaxaca, Mitla and the 1,000 year-old tree of El Tule without any worries at all.

Yes, Malia Obama was on an early ‘Spring Break’ tour, in the lavish style which the American taxpayer has grown accustomed to paying for, but after the stories started appearing in the Press, the Obama Machine sprang into action, pushing for the stories to be wiped from the minds and screens of mainstream America. They used the claim that she needed her privacy, but forgot that some people resent watching someone dance around in the sun on their hard-earned dollars, whilst a lot of Americans are joining the unemployment queues every day.

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