his lies can’t disguise what you fear

Unlike certain people I know, I am not a great believer in ‘Conspiracies’. For example, I am not a ‘Birther’, in that I accept that Barry Obama was born in Hawaii; nor am I a convinced 9/11 ‘Truther’, with the allegations about the Saudi Royals, the demolition of Building 7, and the stories that the whole thing was a mirage/CIA planned/the Republicans did it all/ the Democrats did it all; and all the other lunacies. However, I am a follower of Goldfinger, Auric not Ernô, I hasten to add; along with his memorable line when confronting Bond when he stated, “Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action!”

I write on the subject of Parties, Party politics, and how they are funded. For a long time, the funding of the two major Parties has been diverse and divergent; Labour relying almost exclusively upon Unions for the millions they get, plus the automatic docking from Union members pay for their Party subs, and the Tories on large donations from wealthy people whose politics coincide with those of the Tory Party, bolstered by the membership fees of the Constituency Parties. A further source for the Labour Party has been the money the Unions received from Government (tax-payer ) funds allegedly for ‘training, education and co-ordination’, the same cash of course organised by Labour when last in power.

They, collectively of course the major Parties, are all in favour of ‘State funding’ of political parties, meaning that we the taxpayer would have to pay them to screw us all, when all we do right now is to pay for everything else.  What they don’t want to do is lose their electoral advantages in the way politics are funded as at present.

One suggestion is that Parties be funded according to the votes which are cast, another is a straight-forward lump sum of millions, given on a pro-rata basis of MPs actually in the Commons. The possibilities are endless, and one can almost see the Party managers slavering at the very thought of getting their hands on tax-payers cash without actually bludgeoning people over the head, as they much prefer to do now.

Two things emerge which I, as a freeborn Englishman take exception to.

The first is the simple question is why we should be forced to pay for these free-loaders in the first place. If they want to go into politics, all they really want is to gain ‘power’; to ensure that the masses ‘do as they are told’ (all in the name of good government, of course); so why should we concur in our own enslavement?

The second is that once they get the cash, they will ensure that no-one else gets it. UKIP will be frozen out, EDL and the BNP will probably be outlawed, the SNP will be given four ‘bawbees’ and be told to shut up, and all will be serene in the Gardens of No. 10.

Convenient, is it not, that a not-very-well-known Tory is so carefully set-up and exposed on the subject of cash-for-access?