With Formula One, you’ll find it all happening!

McLaren-Mercedes        Proud sponsor of the F1 racing team, and also of the cattle prods used by the Bahrain Police against peaceful demonstrators.

Red Bull Racing-Renault. Proud sponsor of the F1 team, and also Equally proud of the tear gas produced under special licence for the sole use of the Bahraini Royal Family against their restive subjects.

Ferrari                   Sponsor of the most successful F1 team, and also of the flexible bludgeon, used exclusively by the Pakistani security force recruits in troubled Bahrain.

Tata Industries  Sponsors of the computer and communications network for F1, and, equally impressively but slightly less well advertised, their technical expertise in crowd control, tear gas and public relations for the Bahrain Royal Family.

Caterham/Cosworth/Williams    Proud sponsors of teams in F1, and also suppliers of mechanical and electrical engineering maintenance expertise performed on the fleet of Saudi gun- and personnel carrier vehicles which support the ruthless crackdown on Bahrain’s Shia majority population.

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