“The noise, dear boy; and the people!”

The noise, of death and destruction; the people, who were annihilated or who fought to prevent such annihilation, were prevalent all over the world in the years 1939-1945: because those were the years of possibly the greatest test of true democracy ever envisaged.

To use the words of King George the 6th “ but we can only do the right as we see the right, “. We in the British Isles, along with France, declared war on Nazi Germany, on Italy and later on, of course, on Japan. One of our allies was of course Stalin’s Russia, the Nation who perhaps suffered most both at the hands of the Nazis as well as at the hands, or rather the bayonets, of Stalin’s ruthless rule.

For six years, war tore apart Europe, large portions of Africa and the Far East; millions died in the cause of defeating the Axis of Nazi Germany, Italy and Japan. The oceans of the world were darkened with the oil and blood of sinking ships and dying men; the air was filled with the noise of aircraft, bullets and shells.

But you won’t see or hear much about this titanic struggle if you visit the House of European History in Brussels.

Strange, but true!


Most people of my age simply do not know that we actually fought in the European Civil War during 1939-1945!

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