Funny, or just Queer?

With all the subtlety of a rhinoceros, David Cameron climbed straight into a self-made fire with his words of approval for ‘Gay Marriage’.

With the news coming out of the woodwork regarding possible changes to the Law regarding Marriage so as to accommodate all his bent friends, I sometimes wonder if he hasn’t retained some of the less-fragrant habits from his boarding-school days, and is not only bending backwards, he is bending forwards as well!


I have to report a ‘sea-change’ in my life-style and habits. I came home from the weekly ‘shop’, unloaded and stacked all the food, perishables, dairy etc. in the fridge, frozen gear in the freezer, tins in the cupboards etc., the usual round. Made my wife a cup of tea, and one for myself too, sat down after clearing up; reached for the remote to switch the tuner on, and then paused. It was five-past-six in the evening, the 6 p.m. news had already commenced, and still I paused; and then clicked the remote to…..Classic FM, where I listened to a Piano Concerto by Robert Schumann, then Delibes, Karl Jenkins, and much more after that was finished.

I realised that if I had tuned to the BBC news, I would be hearing of the latest stories from the Leveson Inquiry, where I would be regaled with lots of gossip and crap dressed up as useful evidence about politicians and their spin-doctors; and who said what, to whom, and when. I would also be learning the latest in the tortured trials of the Eurozone idiots, along with, hopefully, a bookmaker giving odds on when Greece would default; or Spain, or indeed Ireland. We would then be regaled with ‘news’ about the progress of the Olympic torch, and how it is being greeted by cheering crowds. Seems to me that they must have very little to do with their time except by watching a re-enactment of a ‘inspiring activity’ which was, unfortunately, invented by none other than Adolf Hitler’s Nazis for the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. No doubt we would also have heard the real Fat Controller, Alec Salmond himself, telling us all how wonderful it would be once Scotland become Independent. Add to that deep pit of sludge by mention of Spain’s banking woes, Paralympic ticket sales, or rather the lack of sales; and a statement by a Labour MP to the end that she wished that a ‘lager-drinking oaf’ should be killed before he could breed!

Sorry, folks, but this evening is for me and the music, possibly a glass of wine, and memories of an eldest brother who has just died from a mixture of pulmonary fibrosis and cancer.

A heroine to some…?

Many, if not most, of my posts these days result from a  remark made by a broadcaster, or a snippet taken from one of the newspapers, or online. I was listening to the usual biased ‘cobblers’ which is the Today Programme; the subject under discussion was a feeder for a future series which presumed to label sixty peoplewho were most influential in the sixty years of Her Majesty’s reign. That list may be scanned here; and whilst many of the names are unremarkable, being those people who have, in my own opinion of course, made a great contribution to British Society, there exists a selection of names of people who represent a great deal to the Left, the ultra-Liberal, the ‘Progressive’ political faction which, unfortunately dominates the organisation which supports their twisted views: namely, the BBC.

Some time ago, David posted an obituary for George Ward, he of the Grunwick Photo Labs, and also of the vicious and bitter Grunwick strike which gave many people their first close encounter with the truly nasty and bullying side of our so-called ‘moderate’ Trade Unions. George only wanted to stay in business, make a decent profit, give employment to a great number of people, and run his business his way, on his terms. As history shows, he did just that, fighting off legal and illegal attacks from massed pickets, the massive weight of Governmental intervention, and further Union intervention and actions. The strike eventually faltered and faded, Grunwick resumed full working, and prospered.

But the name which appears in the list of those who have had a significant impact upon the lives of British people during Elizabeth 2nds reign is not that of George, who only wanted to grow his business in a free but fair manner, but one of his opponents, namely Jayaben Desai, one of the strike leaders. Biased? Definitely!

Eve; not Steve

The heading to this post is taken from a man/community/nation with whom I have a great deal of affection, namely Middle America. He was being interviewed, ‘vox pop’ style for t.v. news, about the statement made by his President on the subject of ‘gay’ marriage, or to place it in its rightful context, Homosexual Marriage. He stood firm when asked the question, baseball cap pushed back on his head, grizzled and slightly greying, and replied “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!” I personally have never heard that statement before, although one presumes it was not coined that morning. His stance reminded me, an elderly Englishman, of only one other time when America, and all who lived there, were so comprehensively misunderstood. That time was when the Japanese military began preparations for war, and they didn’t even consider America to be even a threat on their horizon. Once the Pacific Fleet was destroyed, the mongrel nation America would see sense, fold their cards and leave the game; so ran the thoughts of the politicians/military ‘geniuses’ who planned Pearl Harbour. The massive fleets which darkened the seas, which absorbed the ‘kamikazes’ without flinching; the sheer, overwhelming military might of the greatest industrial nation the world had ever seen gave those ‘geniuses’ their answer.

Just two steps behind Prime Minister Cameron stands the awful Lynne Featherstone, Minister for so-called Equalities. One presumes that she is tearing handfuls of blankets apart after the silent revolt against homosexual marriage, orchestrated by senior Tories, Churchmen and ordinary Tories who were just plain ‘fed up’ with the ‘on message’ stance of their leader; and hit Cameron and his Coalition with a broadside which rocked Downing Street because they were so completely unprepared for it. Here was trendy Dave, trying to tell the electorate that he sympathised with a tiny handful of weirdies who couldn’t understand why they still felt ‘apart’ from life, and who also demanded the ‘right’ to marry; as if the repeal of that last legal barrier would provide ‘completion’ or ‘fulfilment’, or whatever buzz-word turns the bent crowd on these days, and his Party turned around and stated, ‘Enough’!

True, the ‘Gay marriage’ bit is being quietly shelved, and the Lib-Dems are being told to ‘shut it’, but have you ever considered what will happen when the sheep, who have never ever lifted their eyes higher than ‘Eastenders’ or ‘Coronation Street’; whose lives are complete now they are watching ‘Britain’s got Talent’ or some equally soulless show on another t.v. channel, whose children comprise the feral and the fearless; ever consider what happens when they will vote massively for Labour because they dislike the reality which is the core behind the Coalition? You will see Harriet Harman, even worse in my mind’s eye than Featherstone could ever be, standing at the Despatch Box pushing that same ‘Homosexual Marriage’ agenda through with a majority which doesn’t need Lynne to bolster it.


Following from the post in Cranmer, I too am reproducing the advert,

just in case someone is not offended!

Dear Advertising Standards Authority; please, please; just PISS OFF!


Decline and Fall in 58 Minutes & 54 Seconds

The words in the above title includes the actual length of a BBC Documentary. Now normally, given the present state of the total left-wing bias  within the BBC as a so-called Public Service Institution, I would be either tearing the words and statements within apart, or encouraging the sneers and attacks which I would hope to be generated by my writing. But there is a very strange dichotomy within the BBC, and singularly within the non-News and Political Commentary side of things, in that occasionally the BBC does produce or broadcast a remarkably un-biased Documentary upon the strangest of subjects. Whether it be Enoch Powell, Carl Sagan, The World at War or Alistair Cooke’s America, one has come to expect brilliance in production, narration and content without the expected smearing veneer of BBC values and Lefty diatribes.

The Documentary, as mentioned in that same title, was called ‘This World, the Shame of the Catholic Church’, and those 58 minutes and 54 seconds exposed the shame, the sin and the extraordinary squirming of the most senior Catholic in Ireland, Cardinal John (Sean) Brady. If you did not watch it when broadcast, I urge you to watch it in the BBC iPlayer. Watch it because there aren’t many theatrics, not too much moody backing music; but simply because it details the shoddy political manoeuvring of senior people within the Catholic Church in the island of Ireland to protect those who did not deserve protection, whilst allowing abuse of an industrial nature to be carried on by the men who stood in pulpits and moralised to their flocks.

This is an uncomfortable post to be writing, because I have two relatives in Religious life at the moment; one of whom is a priest in Northern Ireland, the other, a dearly-loved and elderly aunt overseas. But it has to be written, because the Truth must always be brought forth, no matter who is indicted, no matter how high that person may have risen. I have written before of the abuses rained down on the small bodies of the kids who attended Bindoon in Australia, of the tens of thousands who were ‘given a new life’ in the former Colonies of the British Empire, now known of course as the Commonwealth, but nowhere has there been such cynical manipulation as with this same Catholic Church with their constant movements of peaedophile priests, and the equally-ferocious attempts to conceal the truth in order to protect the reputation of their Church

The Catholic Church used to have tremendous sway over the lives of all the Catholics both in the Republic and in the Province; but one must ask, in all sincerity, if that authority has been diminished or smashed apart by its own inaction; what has taken its place?

They’re only words…

I have always liked and admired Sir Patrick Moore. He has always exhibited the best of the traits which make up an Englishman, and at the top of the list is the truth that he has always spoken his mind. So when he states that “A Kraut is a Kraut is a Kraut” he knoweth of what he speaks. That phrase, born of the loss of his fiance during the dark days of the Blitz, fashioned the iron in his soul, an iron which has hardly rusted despite his nearly ninety years of life.

I wouldn’t use the same words as Sir Patrick, I would use far stronger words; for when you read of the machinations of German politicians within Europe, when one reads of the plotting behind the scenes to marginalise their opposition in both their National Parliament as well as within Europe; when one reads of the aims within Germany to get their way in European matters monetary, economic and political, I wonder if we should not have gone on, in the words of another of my heroes, to finish the job properly!