A heroine to some…?

Many, if not most, of my posts these days result from a  remark made by a broadcaster, or a snippet taken from one of the newspapers, or online. I was listening to the usual biased ‘cobblers’ which is the Today Programme; the subject under discussion was a feeder for a future series which presumed to label sixty peoplewho were most influential in the sixty years of Her Majesty’s reign. That list may be scanned here; and whilst many of the names are unremarkable, being those people who have, in my own opinion of course, made a great contribution to British Society, there exists a selection of names of people who represent a great deal to the Left, the ultra-Liberal, the ‘Progressive’ political faction which, unfortunately dominates the organisation which supports their twisted views: namely, the BBC.

Some time ago, David posted an obituary for George Ward, he of the Grunwick Photo Labs, and also of the vicious and bitter Grunwick strike which gave many people their first close encounter with the truly nasty and bullying side of our so-called ‘moderate’ Trade Unions. George only wanted to stay in business, make a decent profit, give employment to a great number of people, and run his business his way, on his terms. As history shows, he did just that, fighting off legal and illegal attacks from massed pickets, the massive weight of Governmental intervention, and further Union intervention and actions. The strike eventually faltered and faded, Grunwick resumed full working, and prospered.

But the name which appears in the list of those who have had a significant impact upon the lives of British people during Elizabeth 2nds reign is not that of George, who only wanted to grow his business in a free but fair manner, but one of his opponents, namely Jayaben Desai, one of the strike leaders. Biased? Definitely!