….. and hanged by the neck until dead!

The solemn moment, of murder trials in times gone by, when the Judge donned the black silk cap to pronounce the sentence, was an instant which all killers feared, because it was the commencement of a countdown to a judicial retribution for the crime, or crimes, which they had committed. A family friend and neighbour, who also happened to be a police sergeant, once told me long ago, that he had talked an armed, violent and dangerous man into surrendering to justice based on the statement that, “Yes, you can pull that trigger, and that shotgun blast will kill me; but remember that there is a long, legal road which follows, at the end of which is a sad but dutiful man with a set length of rope, and your life will be ended by that same rope;”.

We no longer hold the power of life or death through the courts, having pusillanimously surrendered that power based on a false premise, which was,’Ah well, murderers shall serve life in prison, and surely that is punishment is enough?’ Life imprisonment, in these ‘enlightened times’ amounts to eight or nine years tops, and it is very, very rare to hear of a sentenced criminal given a tariff of more than fifteen years. That promise, together with Sky Sports tv, plasma tv sets on demand, and mecca-facing toilets, is now that which faces violent criminals of all classes.

So when these three ‘trainee jihadis’ are eventually found guilty, they won’t be greeting their 72 virgins, if such a number can be found these days as they aren’t only in short supply around Lime Street, they will be shut away in luxury, with every whim catered to, with nary a search-dog in sight. True, they didn’t succeed in killing anyone, but what if they had, and survived? They would be looking at the same sentences as they probably will get for the plotting!

My sort of justice would have a slightly different outcome; but there again, thats me, and I hold to a slightly higher standard of retribution.

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