Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!’

One of the abiding things about the British is that they generally play by the rules. Whether on a pitch, with a game of football or cricket, or in affairs of Government, by paying tax; we, as a group, stick with what we have built. We may not like paying the huge amounts which the various Governments, certainly within my lifetime, have gouged out of the public purse to fund their projects, but we pay. We might not like it, some actively state they will not pay certain taxes, or indeed an individual tax, but there have been very few ‘tax’ revolts. One of the very few errors which marred the Premiership of Margaret Thatcher was the ‘Poll Tax’, and she bore the scars of that revolt because she thought it was a good idea, but forgot to follow through by contemplation of the outcome of that Tax. The ‘Poll Tax’ was seen as grossly unfair, as divisive and iniquitous, and it was scrapped. Her Premiership was challenged, she won the first round, but failed to win a majority of her Party, and resigned.

There are certain taxes which are almost universally reviled, and worst of all is the tax which supports and upholds the leviathan which is the British Broadcasting Corporation. The Licence, because that is what it is called, allows you to watch television from any supplier, whether BBC, ITV, channels 4 & 5, Sky or any of the hundreds of digital channels available through satellite, on a static t.v., or a computer, or even a hand-held tablet, phone or other device. It is a total anachronism in a society such as ours, mainly because it is exactly the same as paying a sum of cash to the manufacturers of washing powders for the privilege of owning a washing machine.

Just imagine, if you would, the power which is available to a BBC producer or collective senior editorial management, whether on radio or television. You hold the ability to give or withhold a voice, or a view, on virtually any subject, and your decision is final! There are no rights of reply, or editorial redress, in the BBC. Just ask yourself the last time you heard or watched a strong, forthright Right-wing voice or face arguing against the massed bands of left-wing or liberal arguments so freely available on the BBC airwaves? I used to revel in the voice of Frederick Forsyth whenever he was allowed access to a BBC microphone, but sadly even his voice has been silenced. True, our very own David Vance makes an occasional argument over on BBC Northern Ireland, but with all due respect to David, not many in England tune in to the Belfast broadcasts. So we have to be content with only one side of most arguments, and, being the sheep we have become, accept that there are no alternative arguments, because the vast majority of British people, at least the semi-sentient ones, bury their heads in ‘Strictly’, or ‘Corrie’; or even the hinterlands of ‘Yeastenders’ and ‘Emmerdale’; along with the interminable sports and D.I.Y. programmes which litter the schedules, just to feed the equivalent of ‘bread and circuses’ to the masses!

And thus we get to the sordid saga of Sir Jimmy Savile, OBE, KCSG, LLD. Saviour or secret deviant? A man whose fame as a performer and as a celebrity is entwined totally with that of the BBC, and who was extolled with two programmes dedicated to his memory just last year. Who gave of his time and fame, who supported charities, who helped raise funds for spinal injury wards and won a Royal Marines beret for completion of a gruelling 30 mile march with full pack. He was involved in marathons, in climbing and running, met royalty, the great and the good. But the news comes filtering past the fear and the pressure from libel law actions, after his death of course, that behind the facade of a kindly extrovert was the sinister face of a sadistic pervert and paedophile. The full story of this person’s activities is still evolving, as more and more people understand that they might, this time, be believed when they talk, often for the first time, of the sordid and savage things which were done to their young bodies, and more importantly, their young minds, by this evil man.

The inquiries and formal investigations by both the police as well as the BBC’s internal ones are just beginning, and already there are leaks, and rumours, of at least seven or eight arrests imminent on serving members of the BBC’s employees, but the questions of how this man managed to escape detection, arrest and conviction over a period of some four-odd decades are the important ones. Was he given shelter by some likeminded individuals? Was he ‘given the benefit of the doubt’ because he was just being ‘Jimmy’, and such a celebrity could not possibly be as stupid as to engage in sexual acts with young girls and fans, or could he? The one thing which should always be remembered when it comes to discussions about perverts and paedophiles is that these individuals are, and have to be, so very clever at disguising their true intent and purpose in life, which is the despoliation of all that is innocent and undefiled. Many of us at ATW have either heard of or read the many websites which purport to relate, in graphic detail, the sins of those whom they have targeted and wish to prove that they are not ‘whiter than white’, but in fact are guilty are gross perversions of the worst kind, but not many of us have actually met up with, conversed with, and even befriended anyone who has actually been found guilty of these disgusting practices. When Jimmy Savile died, his property, clothes, memorabilia and motor car were all auctioned, and the proceeds given to the charities which bore his name. I wonder how much would that Rolls-Royce fetch now, or any of the clothing sold here be treasured now the curtain has been pulled aside?

As I wrote on my own blogsite:- Along with very few others, I have personal knowledge of a paedophile priest in action, although confessing at the same time that he gave off the aura of ‘just another parish priest’. I shook his hand, I joined in his parish works, I gave him a hand with parish activities and auctions. Why? Simple, because, above everything else, because of the hidden and disgusting nature of their inner being, their disguise is so good, so impenetrable, that the only way is by either direct knowledge, or accusation by one of the abused which is taken seriously. When Adrian McLeish was arrested and charged, I, along with all the other parishioners, was flabbergasted. Was the man who had preached reconciliation, peace and charity the same who was accused of sacrificing the innocents to further his own perverted ends? Was the man who handed out the Sacrament the same as the pervert? I even visited him in prison before his trial, to try and discover what had turned him from the path of clarity, of truth and single-mindedness in belief to that of double-talk, and of perversion! All I found was a self-serving bleat that he could not help himself, all I heard was drivel and treachery!

So, in ending, what should we be hearing from the BBC when it comes time for the inquiries to report back? In the knowledge that the BBC lawyers removed all knowledge of certain e-mails from their own Panorama investigation, should we even believe that such Inquiries are thorough, or credible, or even independent enough to be giving justice to those who have been treated so badly by one of the ‘Star Celebrities’ who was given such a rousing send-off by the BBC? I note that the gravestone, carved at such cost, which depicted the known achievements and accomplishments of Savile has already been lifted, smashed up and sent for landfill. Will the next act of retribution be the unceremonious removal of the corpse for a swift cremation and ash scattering? I am reminded of the first act after the triumphant return and coronation of King Charles the Second was to order the exhumation of the corpse of General Oliver Cromwell, and to have that same corpse thrown into a lime pit, but the head was impaled upon a spike outside Hampton Court Palace. A bit symbolic, perhaps, but Charles lived in perhaps a simpler, more savage time, and such actions upon the remains of the man who had killed his own father are perhaps, understandable!

Will the BBC ever rebound from the ramifications of this new witch-hunt? In a few months, after some sacrificial sheep have been thrown to the wolves to satisfy the mob, it is my belief that the BBC will revert to type, close ranks and go on much as before. The BBC can never change, because the canker is set too deeply. There are too many self-satisfied left-wing and liberal-minded time-servers within both management, production staff and performers of all types for there to be any change of any value. The Charter is up for renewal in 2016; and I will be campaigning that the BBC be converted into a commercial organisation, without any taxpayer support whatsoever, to sink or swim in the marketplace.