a true advocate for ‘crime in the community’?

Read a ‘spin’ piece in the Telegraph about the complaints and inner sadness of a Mr. Shaun Bailey, a one-time Tory Party candidate, an ‘adviser’ to the Prime Minister on ‘youth, crime and race issues’ who has apparently been demoted and side-tracked to a part-time role in the Cabinet Office. Seems Mr Bailey has many ‘friends’ who have spoken to the newspaper about his great abilities, his great interest in politics, and his deep and wide knowledge of problems in the black community in the wider wastes outside the Westminster circle. Our shy and humble activist, who apparently has fallen out of favour with the Eton-educated friends who surround David Cameron, is sad that his many words of advice have fallen on stony ground, but has not spoken out himself as he still dreams of being a Tory Party MP.

What was brushed past in the Telegraph piece was the news about our Shaun and his ‘Charity’ which was closed down by himself, but not before such headline comments as accounts indicated massively disproportionate back-office costs and a failure to account for nearly £16,000. and ‘It seems Bailey wouldn’t know voluntary sector best practice if it jumped up and said “marginal constituency”. from Political Scrapbook were published online. Shaun has also come across our sights before, as when he and several other candidates clowns posed in the pages of the Daily Mail as part of the A-listers who were supposed to claim the votes of marginal constituencies all around the country in 2010.

Seems as though Shaun is trying a bit of self-publicity out, to see if it works. For a front-page spread in a national newspaper, seems to me as though news is a bit thin on the ground to give a whole heap of free publicity to a scrounger.