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Some seven years ago, I posted a remembrance piece one year after the bombs and shrapnel shot forth from the backpacks of the four demented ‘jihadis’ of that fateful day in July 2005; and I would reproduce it here to discuss what has been achieved since those days:-

So we now have the bombs and the blood on the streets of London once again! Ordinary people, whose lives have either been cut short or decimated; whose only crime was to live in a country whose declared aim is to live according to a set of rules; whose families must now take up the grim toll of either burial or long visits to hospitals: and for what? The smiles like those which appeared on the face of the Saudi and Taliban murderers after 9/11? The exultation on the faces of the Palestinians who danced in the street after the same tragedy? The laughter of the Asian schoolkids in England as they heard the news? It is too early to establish the promoters of this terrorist attack, but it will probably turn out to be claimed by a bunch of rag-heads!

We should change our stated aims, we in the West! We should root out and stamp on these foul fundamentalists with their twisted ideas which are far away from the religion which most of them seem to avow! We should adopt the American tradition of ‘kill ‘em all, and apologise later’ This foul odour which stems from a bunch of clowns who depend for the recruitment of their foot-soldiers on some wild-eyed notion of earning paradise by killing as many as possible should be swept by a disinfectant brew of bullets, bombs and bayonets in the fermenting fields of the countries where they come from! Our message should be plain and simple, we will not change; but you and your kind definitely will, in the short space of time left for your kind on the face of this planet!

The above paragraphs were written as I watched the carnage unfolding on the streets of London last July; and as we come up towards the sad remembrance of those fearful minutes, I reckon we should all reflect on what has been achieved to repair the damage to our national psyche, image and (hoary chestnut, perhaps), way of life!

On the positive side of things, we see the preparations made for the trial of the four unsuccessful bombers, who’s efforts to achieve their own martyrdom were fortunately foiled by a combination of their own stupidity, bad technical effort and a miraculous amount of good luck, We see the survivors of the four blasts forging their way ahead towards recovery and stability, aided rather belatedly by a mean-minded Governmental compensation scheme. We see steps and moves underway to build a memorial to the fallen, possibly in Tavistock Square, and a Service of Remembrance planned for the silent victims of those four atrocious blasts! We watch as the Emergency Services hone their responses to future attacks, and nod in assent at this evidence of foresight!

What we do not see is a sea-change in our attitudes to the foul-minded fanatics who still live in our midst, allowed to carry on with their filthy plans to spread the word of ‘jihad’ throughout the Western World. We see criminal actions rewarded as seven Afghani hi-jackers are given the right to stay in Britain, as a reward for their crime, on the grounds that they might suffer torture if sent back to the Muslim slums from which they were vomited forth! We see strong Government action and plans set back by a Judiciary too intent on the ‘rights’ of prospective killers, and we see no sign of an understanding within that same Judiciary of the rancour which is slowly boiling up inside the minds and hearts of British people whose only wish is to live at peace! The only small victory observed was the departure of the self-styled Sheikh Bakri Mohammed to the Lebanon, just ahead of moves to deprive him of either residential or asylum status. We see the flood of bogus Asylum Seekers uninterrupted by this feeble Labour Government, hamstrung by it’s own actions in foisting the stupid ‘Human rights’ legislation on an unsuspecting Britain! We even see the inaction of the Immigration Service in not attempting to deport undesirable criminals, released after theyt have served half of their sentences, because of the fear that the murderers, rapists and violent thieves might turn and claim Asylum status if challenged!

The call goes up to get rid of Blair, and install Brown. The clarion call should be to kick this bunch of time-wasting morons out of Westminster, and replace them with a Parliament which reflects the will of the people!!!

So, since then, we have achieved, or rather suffered, the following:-

444 British Servicemen & Women dead in the dust and blood of Afghanistan.

£20 billion from taxpayers funds spent in the course of this War, which of course was fought according to some outmoded idea that we have to be nice to these bloodthirsty clowns. If we had gone in and cleared out the madmen of the Taliban; and then said ‘Sort this lot out ammongst yourselves’ and then left them to their own devices, we should have a ‘bank balance’ of some four hundred-odd lives in credit. but we don’t. We are busy packing up all the materiel, and, wait for it, then have to pay a ‘tax’ to get it over the bloody border into Pakistan. We are getting out, when we should never have even planned to be there at all.

We have extradited Abu Hamza and his foul mates to America, but it took us about five-odd years to achieve this, plus another two-million quid for ‘legal aid’. Abu Qatada has walked away to Jordan, but because he went of his own free will, he’ll be probably back once more.

We have let in another million illegal immigrants and bogus asylum seekers, all ready to suck deeply on the hind tit of legal aid for benefits, residence, and the rest.

We are about to see a flood of Romanians and Bulgarians, bloody pikeys, gypsies and vagabonds all, because Europe say we have to, and we cannot even say ‘No’.

We got rid of Blair, and eventually Brown, but what do we see in their place? The grins of Cameron and Clegg, who have achieved; what exactly? Gay Marriage! Says a great deal! Oh yes, we saw Action on Libya, where we see the thanks for the help we gave; well, not exactly thanks; we saw the morons breaking the memorials to the British who died in the North African campaign of WW2.

When will we have our own revolution?  Its a pity we are a little too compliant, or rather complacent!

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