On this sunny Saturday morning……

….I was walking towards our local Tesco, intent on a newspaper, a couple of Danish pastries (heroin substitute) and a box of eggs. I noticed what seemed to be an ordinary family; father, mother and two small daughters moving towards the exit with their heavily-laden trolley, and watched with incredulity as they proceeded to attempt to push their Tesco trolley across the boundary between the car-park area and the outside road. They seemed puzzled by the fact that the trolley wheels had ‘locked up’; as they had crossed over an electronic signal line which does apply a brake to the front wheels. This device has been fitted to all supermarket trolley wheels for over ten-odd years now, primarily as a defence against the theft of trolleys which, once having transported the shopping to home, were dumped by those same lazy thieves as ‘surplus to their requirements’.

My incredulity was caused by the existence of a large Tesco signboard sited less than five feet away from the exit which stated “Warning, Trolley wheels will lock up if taken past this point”!

Now the questions which must be asked are as follows:-

  • Were they unable to read or understand the clear English of the warning notice?
  • Did they think that the warning notice didn’t somehow apply to them?
  • Were they collectively too bloody stupid for words?

I lean towards the third query, as the body language of the heavily-tattooed man stated as he stood back, staring at the recalcitrant and stubbornly-immobile trolley, scratching his head as he realised he had to carry all his shopping, inclusive of four twelve-packs of lager, back to wherever they lived.

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