Late, but still true.

The New York Times has a devastating survey of the lies, the political stupidity, the carnage and the cover-up, from all sides, of the attack on the Americans in Benghazi.

You take a deadly mix of an American diplomat who believes any Arab can be trusted, the usual mix of clever and foolish adherents to the Muslim religion, murderous in intent behind the welcoming smiles, an inept and naive American Administration which doesn’t care how they protect those who serve them, toss in a stupid, silly video which supposedly ‘angered Islam’, and you get the carnage which was Benghazi.

Some time ago, I wrote a book about politics, and one theme was the Arab mindset as opposed to say, a Western mindset.  One very small quotation from that book goes :-

“They hate us because we are free, because we are rich, because we have open government, because we have free speech, because we are not muslim; because we are the unbelievers!

and a car, or indeed anything, from this bunch?

Reasons why the British Public are walking away from Democratic involvement cannot be paraphrased or explained in the written equivalent of a television out-take or radio soundbite, mainly because there are multiple reasons, and they all need to be either catalogued or discussed.

Take, if you would, the two greatest scandals of the last thirty years, in constitutional terms, within the British political system;  the determined and ruthless task, undertaken with hardly a note or instruction being recorded, to alter, by stealth, the very image of British society by huge numbers of immigrants, only some of which came from the EU, where we had limited means of stopping or reducing the flow because of EU legislation; while the vast majority came from one area, namely the whole Indian sub-continent, and more specifically Pakistan, Bangladesh and India itself, backed up by large numbers of Iraqis, Afghanis, Somalis, and all the other cess-pits of the world, whose peoples had been routinely pillaged and robbed of their very birthright by their own corrupt politicians. Labour, because that was the Party who commenced this assault on the very core of our Nation, handed out visas, and then passports, as though the printing presses were due to be smashed, and they had to get the numbers up before the day slated for destruction.

But the problem which those same Labour acolytes conveniently forgot about was the importation, along with the hordes who carried in, of a sinister disease which cannot be detected by a scanner, or indeed x-ray; the name of the disease is of course the Muslim religion, the worship of a God which brooks no alternative, no excuse, you either worship their allah, along with their paeadophile prophet mohammed; or you are killed; simple and as complicated as that!

I am not claiming that all Muslims are terrorists, but the seed is there, and all it takes is a clever intellect, and a fiery tone, and the bombs are being built, and the hatchets are sharpened, before you can dial the Security Directorate; but get the Labour Party apologists to take even a shred of responsibility, and every commentator is named as ‘racist’, when the whole problem is based  around yet another bastardized religion!

The other scandal, and to my mind the more divisive and catastrophic, was the exposure, by the Daily Telegraph, of the criminal activities of somewhere around 95% of the occupants of the House of Commons in the ‘Expenses Exposure’. When the scandal broke, and the true extent of the organised pillaging became known, there was a window for change, but of course the political elite sacrificed a few, organised that many more stepped down, and spun the remainder by the repeated use of my favourite term, ‘But all our actions did not break any rules’, without reminding us that the same scum who were abusing the ‘Rules’ were the ones who had re-written those same ‘Rules’! Wholesale theft and fraud were excused as ‘an unfortunate lapse’, and the victims? Why we, the British nation just sat back, and turned to watching some garbage on the telly!

It is a truth that we get exactly the Government we deserve, and until a leader emerges who can state what should be done, and what will be done to reverse the trend of ‘unnaccountability’ we will continue to see the likes of Blair, and Cameron, sliding ever upwards, greased by their own filth. I have taken a deep interest in local politics recently, asking questions at full Council meetings, which is allowed; but only three queries per session, and ‘no debate allowed’, but at least I get up and ask, and this is what these politicians hate above all, that they have to answer, and there are only so many ways of telling a lie before they get caught out!

A card with a difference.

marco card001As I gaze at my mantelpiece this afternoon, crowded as it is with family photos and Christmas cards  from old friends and family, my eyes are drawn, again and again, to one particular card. It is not glossy, or covered with tinsel, or even featuring holly, sleighs, reindeer or a slightly-mythical bearded figure all dressed in red, trimmed with white fur.

Instead the cover of this small card comes with the imprint of a small boy’s idea of the outline of his Grandfather’s head ( I think) and he struggled with where my ear should be, because he scribbled over the first position and settled for a new one.

I know that the spade work is done by computer graphics, along with micro-electronics, but this card says all there is to be said at this time of year. My grandson Marco Michael wrote his name beneath those of his Mummy and Daddy, and who can argue with the innocence of childhood?

To all those who read these words, and who have read my posts throughout the past year; I hope and wish that you have the peace and happiness which comes with true contentment, and that you all have a truly Happy Christmas, and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Mike Cunningham

Can’t; time; crime; don’t.

When anyone talks of the failed ‘War on drugs’, along with the statement that any drug law infraction is virtually a victimless crime, I tend to roll my eyes, and wish I were elsewhere, anywhere but in a place where the very idea of selling drugs is considered to be an ordinary human function.  The argument goes that ‘no-one gets hurt’ and ‘no-one does drugs who doesn’t want to do drugs’ and we should all just step back, and maybe even make it legal.

This post of mine was written after reading the supposedly thought-provoking article in this oh-so-on-the-mark New York Times on the so-called ‘evils’ surrounding mandatory minimum sentencing for various crimes. Seems as though the ‘system’ had reacted to the huge rise in drug-related crimes, along with the equally-huge toll on the addicts and their families.

The thinking then, which I hold to this day, is if you are told and understand, in advance, that if you are caught committing a crime which, on a big list, relates to a certain length of time in jail; you may wish to think twice before getting involved in that activity. It is simply ‘cause’ related to ‘effect’. The fact that certain drug-related offences automatically meant a life sentence without parole is, perhaps, beside the point. The criminal engaged in this felonious activity in the full knowledge that, if caught, tried and found guilty; he would automatically get ‘life without parole’. This penalty did not even feature in the glib thinking that driving and distributing serious narcotics was just ‘easy money’.

Well, Mr Webster, ‘easy money’ it may have been; but you cannot say that you were not warned, no matter what the A.C.L.U.’s Vanita Gupta may claim about the injustice of mandatory minimums. The penalties were there, written and explained so that even the simplest could understand. As for mercy, and clemency; I think you may have already discovered that Society is just about clean out, as far as the likes of you is concerned!

End of the Road?

So when the ‘downtrodden black man’ gets his ‘freedom’, and the vote, and all the other trappings which were denied him during the dreadful days of ‘colonial rule’; the question must be asked: ‘What exactly does he do with it’?

Why, in Zimbabwe, first the Mugabe Government, and their ‘bully-boy war veterans’ seized many of the farms, those productive and well-managed privately-owned expanses, where the tobacco, the wheat, the sorghum, the grain and all the other crops from which  Zimbabwe was once named ‘Africa’s Breadbasket’. All these superbly-productive places were grabbed by the Zanu-PF and their ‘friends in high places’, mis-managed to the limit, because you have to know what you are doing when farming, and most of that once startlingly beautiful and rich farmland was left to rot; and worst of all, all the hundreds of thousands black farm-workers, once employed gainfully by their white employers, were left to starve.

As the Ndebele tribe under Joshua Nkomo, a one-time collaborator of Mugabe began guerrilla operations against Mugabe, the Government sent in the North Korean-trained Fifth Brigade, and they slaughtered over 20,000 civilians, just to teach them a lesson.

Then the theft and thuggery spread to the monetary system, once so well-managed, as hyper-inflation struck that once-rich country. The receipts dropped dramatically once the tobacco, wheat and maize crops disappeared, as the new black owners didn’t know how to grow things, just how to destroy and steal things.. But the Mugabe Government had to keep paying their hired thugs, so they commenced printing money; the result was there were plenty of billionaires in Zimbabwe, but they were also starving billionaires.

The dollar became the ruling currency, and a temporary sanity seemed to return to that once-peaceful country, but that didn’t last long, with an Opposition Party in Parliament; but unfortunately the Opposition Ministers seemed very, very accident-prone, with four dying in quick succession. Opposition dried up a bit, especially when the Opposition’s Prime Minister is accused of treason! More farms are appropriated, and when the farmers resort to the Law, the Mugabe Government just burns the farm buildings down. The power supplies dry up, the water doesn’t flow, and even the dead don’t get buried, because the mourners cannot afford to hire a hearse with petrol in the tank.

And the latest effort at the benign Black rule of Mugabe and his henchmen? Well it is the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act, where all companies have been told they must submit the Indigenisation Form by the 1st of January 2014. A list of over 50 categories of businesses are itemized on the Form and with each line your heart sinks. All the things that everyone has been doing to survive since farms were seized and the economy went into freefall, are on the indigenisation schedule.

So South Africa, the alleged ‘rainbow nation’ and leader of the Continent, free from the white man’s boot now for over ten years, with a murder rate up from 1000 in 1984 to 27,000 in 2010; with violent crime, rape and robbery out of control, with all the corruption they think they can get away with; has plenty of places to compare as to how to (steal) govern in their own inimitable way, once they look over the Limpopo river, and across the border.

The only crime is to remain silent!

With  their names being published in a news blog, alleging their involvement in a peaedophile ring of alarming proportions, I just wonder when any of these people would commence looking for their mobile phones to dial their lawyers, to institute proceedings against further publication of allegations involving serious sexual abuse done to children supposedly ‘in care’?

Prominent people such as :-

  • Sir Peter Bottomley. Worthing MP and Monday Club
  • Charles Irving
  • Leon Britton, Lord, ex Thatcher Minister
  • Peter Brooke, Life Peer
  • John Rowe, MI5, former MP
  • Ron Brown
  • Colin Jordan, ex National Front Leader
  • George Tremlett, Former GLC Leader
  • Peter Campbell, Monday Club
  • Gary Walker, Sinn Fein
  • Cliff Richard, aged  Pop Star,
  • Jess Conrad, aged ex Pop Star.
  • Ron Wells, aged Musician,
  • Richard Miles, Monday Club
  • Chris Denning, ex BBC DJ,
  • R Langley, Buckingham Palace Equerry

I feel that these people should stand up against such scurrilous allegations, as printed online in ‘scriptonite’, take her to court and win substantial damages against a blogger who seems determined to libel these unfortunate people who are all totally innocent!

I also reckon Sir Peter Hayman should sue to protect and clear his name against other scurrilous allegations, as can be found here!

War; or plain, calculated murder?

When contemplating writing about any serving member of our Armed Forces, there are two pointers I would normally use. Firstly, have they seen action at the sharp end; in other words, have they been shot at, and fired back: or have they been deliberately targeted by a hidden bomb? The second is, quite simple; are they of senior rank; colonel, general, air vice-marshal, vice-admiral?

If the second, they are usually political in nature, having scrambled up the greasy pole without struggle, used to sending the men under their command without proper equipment or protection: with the explicit knowledge of their political masters regarding these ‘money-saving’ tactics; but safe in the knowledge that the ordinary British ‘squaddie’ would sooner commit suicide than complain.

If the first, it becomes a trifle difficult. British soldiers are used to serving under truly ridiculous ‘rules of engagement’ authored by politicians who don’t understand that the opposition is doing their level best to kill any British serviceman. Ask any ‘squaddie’ who served at the front end in Belfast whether they consulted their ‘Orange Cards’ before firing back at some sociopath; ask if he felt justified in squashing some murderous clown before that IRA ‘volunteer’ killed a friend, or any more innocents?

All the same, as to whether Sergeant Alexander Blackman was justified in firing his weapon point blank at some wounded Afghani scum who had been trying to kill the Sergeant minutes before, I have no opinion. Other, of course that he was totally stupid in not confirming that all his mates’ helmet cameras were disabled!

a belated memorial!

What with all the noise, and the associated bull**** whistling through the undergrowth, I completely forgot a tragic anniversary of nearly a week ago; one which places the overheated winds surrounding the death and memorials to Mandela in proper perspective.

Readers, I give you the Arizona, the ship whose fate, and the fate of the men who saluted the flag she bore so proudly, when this photo was taken, could never have been imagined.


Florence used by the Machine

The Prime Minister has sent out his official Christmas card, and how charming it is. It shows him and Samantha with their adorably pretty three-year-old daughter Florence Rose Endellion Cameron. You can see she’s pretty because her face is not pixelated. Let me explain. DowningStreet has sent out ferocious letters to newspaper editors explaining that photos of Mr Cameron’s children must on no account be published unless their faces are pixelated. In the same breath, however, it invites the media to reproduce Florence’s face prominently – in a Christmas card photo that bears no sign of photoshopping at all. Well, unless you count the suspicious disappearance of one of Dave’s chins, but I could be wrong about that.


Using an innocent child for political ends…..Yes, he really is a true Leader.


A few words of premonition

At the news of the death of a 95 year-old man, an  event which we shall all, eventually meet; I am happy to acknowledge that he was man enough to encourage reconciliation within South Africa. I do not rejoice at his death, but neither do I mourn him. I tend to look at a man’s achievements; at what he has done; at what he failed to do. In the balance, and we should always; at least those of us who actually think, instead of operating on knee-jerk reflexes only, judge fairly: accept that he was, as others have said before me, a flawed man. No saint, a man who could plot a murder because it was a means to an end, a future; only to see the promise of that same future discarded and vandalized by a bunch of chancers, thieves, charlatans and crooks masquerading under the banner of the political party of which he was the great figurehead.

My worry, my premonition, is based on the realities of life as it is now, in the shacks, the tin-roofed huts, on the dirt roads of the townships, with the untreated sewage running down the ditches, where the vast majority of South Africans live, in approximately the same way as they did when I was living there! My worry is that the resentment, the anger over the broken promises of the ANC Government will, instead of being directed at the thieves and criminals who have systematically stolen the birthright of a nation; will be instead directed at the people who once ruled, but are now forgotten. My worry is that the clubs, the guns and the bombs will be made ready, and the White minority, along with the Indians and the Cape coloureds, will be the focus for the violence which might have been stalled by Mandela. Stalled, but just delayed, not forgotten.

I remember that there lives, in a small, peaceful, coastal South African town, a 93 year-old Lady who devoted, since arriving in South Africa in 1940, every day of her life to teach all who came to her schools. I worry about my aunt, who lives now in retirement. A comment upon another post was that they had heard the South African anthem sung.  I worry that there will be other chants, other songs and war-cries; and the loudest amongst them will be ‘Kill the Boer’ and ‘Kill the White Man’; because they are both easy chants to remember!