The only crime is to remain silent!

With  their names being published in a news blog, alleging their involvement in a peaedophile ring of alarming proportions, I just wonder when any of these people would commence looking for their mobile phones to dial their lawyers, to institute proceedings against further publication of allegations involving serious sexual abuse done to children supposedly ‘in care’?

Prominent people such as :-

  • Sir Peter Bottomley. Worthing MP and Monday Club
  • Charles Irving
  • Leon Britton, Lord, ex Thatcher Minister
  • Peter Brooke, Life Peer
  • John Rowe, MI5, former MP
  • Ron Brown
  • Colin Jordan, ex National Front Leader
  • George Tremlett, Former GLC Leader
  • Peter Campbell, Monday Club
  • Gary Walker, Sinn Fein
  • Cliff Richard, aged  Pop Star,
  • Jess Conrad, aged ex Pop Star.
  • Ron Wells, aged Musician,
  • Richard Miles, Monday Club
  • Chris Denning, ex BBC DJ,
  • R Langley, Buckingham Palace Equerry

I feel that these people should stand up against such scurrilous allegations, as printed online in ‘scriptonite’, take her to court and win substantial damages against a blogger who seems determined to libel these unfortunate people who are all totally innocent!

I also reckon Sir Peter Hayman should sue to protect and clear his name against other scurrilous allegations, as can be found here!

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