End of the Road?

So when the ‘downtrodden black man’ gets his ‘freedom’, and the vote, and all the other trappings which were denied him during the dreadful days of ‘colonial rule’; the question must be asked: ‘What exactly does he do with it’?

Why, in Zimbabwe, first the Mugabe Government, and their ‘bully-boy war veterans’ seized many of the farms, those productive and well-managed privately-owned expanses, where the tobacco, the wheat, the sorghum, the grain and all the other crops from which  Zimbabwe was once named ‘Africa’s Breadbasket’. All these superbly-productive places were grabbed by the Zanu-PF and their ‘friends in high places’, mis-managed to the limit, because you have to know what you are doing when farming, and most of that once startlingly beautiful and rich farmland was left to rot; and worst of all, all the hundreds of thousands black farm-workers, once employed gainfully by their white employers, were left to starve.

As the Ndebele tribe under Joshua Nkomo, a one-time collaborator of Mugabe began guerrilla operations against Mugabe, the Government sent in the North Korean-trained Fifth Brigade, and they slaughtered over 20,000 civilians, just to teach them a lesson.

Then the theft and thuggery spread to the monetary system, once so well-managed, as hyper-inflation struck that once-rich country. The receipts dropped dramatically once the tobacco, wheat and maize crops disappeared, as the new black owners didn’t know how to grow things, just how to destroy and steal things.. But the Mugabe Government had to keep paying their hired thugs, so they commenced printing money; the result was there were plenty of billionaires in Zimbabwe, but they were also starving billionaires.

The dollar became the ruling currency, and a temporary sanity seemed to return to that once-peaceful country, but that didn’t last long, with an Opposition Party in Parliament; but unfortunately the Opposition Ministers seemed very, very accident-prone, with four dying in quick succession. Opposition dried up a bit, especially when the Opposition’s Prime Minister is accused of treason! More farms are appropriated, and when the farmers resort to the Law, the Mugabe Government just burns the farm buildings down. The power supplies dry up, the water doesn’t flow, and even the dead don’t get buried, because the mourners cannot afford to hire a hearse with petrol in the tank.

And the latest effort at the benign Black rule of Mugabe and his henchmen? Well it is the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act, where all companies have been told they must submit the Indigenisation Form by the 1st of January 2014. A list of over 50 categories of businesses are itemized on the Form and with each line your heart sinks. All the things that everyone has been doing to survive since farms were seized and the economy went into freefall, are on the indigenisation schedule.

So South Africa, the alleged ‘rainbow nation’ and leader of the Continent, free from the white man’s boot now for over ten years, with a murder rate up from 1000 in 1984 to 27,000 in 2010; with violent crime, rape and robbery out of control, with all the corruption they think they can get away with; has plenty of places to compare as to how to (steal) govern in their own inimitable way, once they look over the Limpopo river, and across the border.

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