A measured response?

Yesterday evening, my daughter asked me what my opinions were on the huge search underway for that small boy who was reported as missing from his Scots home. I did not pause or attempt to maybe gather my thoughts together, I replied that it was a complete waste of time, the massive police presence and the search parties were deluded; as it was clear that a small boy simply could not have made his way out past two heavy doors from his home: the child was most probably dead, and the police should concentrate on the family, first and last.

I may sound cynical, in fact I probably am, but Police Scotland should never have organised or encouraged all the volunteers to join in the searches, as the probability of immediate family being involved in the death, as it turned out to be, was in the high 90%-ages.

Another tiny statistic has been written in the annals of this, the Nation which once claimed it cared, but now seems to be almost used to revealing the battered body of yet another victim of familial terror; probably brought on by drug abuse or parents who do not even deserve that title.

Mikaeel Kular is now out of reach of the person, probably his so-called mother, now in custody, possibly his father; as he is now in the ultimate ‘place of safety’; but hey, it is not all bad news, the small soft toy industry will probably see a boom in sales as silly people place ‘tokens’ all over the landscape; and the florists will be getting extra supplies in from overseas, as the ‘floral token’ industry  will also see a massive increase in sales!

A small child has been murdered, he should be laid to rest, but please, no more ribbons, or flowers, or candles, or cuddly bloody toys; please!