Abite with me


We all write from a personal perspective. Most readers accept that, and for the most part refrain from partisan or objectionable comments on those posts. We all have our prejudices, our points of view; and just about all who either write or comment on blogs use those prejudices, those heart-felt beliefs, as a basis for the words we send into the electronic ether.

So when I read of a woman who defends her huge dog against the wounds and damage inflicted upon herself by that same huge animal, I try not to judge her as maybe a complete fruitcake, but attempt to find out what makes this particularly silly woman tick.

After the attacks he showed genuine signs of regret, cuddling up to me.

So it is not the bite scars and wound marks which lead me to my belief that this woman lacks any idea of what is acceptable in any environment, it is the marks of the huge, prominent tattoos which surely disfigure this woman’s arms that give an insight into this stupid, silly and ultimately shallow woman’s fate as a future statistic in the list of severe injury or death resultant from keeping a large, dangerous and aggressive animal in her own home.


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