before you were born I set you apart

When posting the other day regarding the ‘right to die’, as proposed by certain, shall we say, individuals with their own special axes to grind, I linked the whole piece with the decision by Belgium’s Parliament to ratify a Law which will give children, “Children”; the right to make their own decisions on whether to end their lives if they are suffering from a terminal illness, or are in insufferable pain, or ‘hopeless medical conditions’; or any of the other emotive terms which liberal do-gooders give to human conditions which are, in present medical knowledge, incurable.
I know that the Belgian conditions are written down with great scruple, and foresight, and the wishes must be agreed with parents, and medical professionals, but, looking at the whole grizzly idea from across the Channel, I tend towards believing that the ideas behind this disgusting and terrible Law are just the logical outcome of systems and thoughts of people who truly believe that they, and they alone, know what is right for everyone else; and these beliefs stem from a time when monstrous names bestrode the world’s stage. Names such as Josef Goebbels, Martin Bormann, Himmler, and of course, the painter, poet and friendly genocidal Adolf Hitler.

Some may well recoil, and claim that I write in a knee-jerk reaction against a well-ordered and documented ideal which will lessen the trauma and suffering of children who face a lingering, painful death. True, I write in total opposition to such a Law, but I would remind readers that it is within my own lifetime that the elderly insane and demented were targeted by Nazi functionaries who, throughout their lengthy trials, claimed they were ‘following legal orders’. The Germanic ideal represented by that evil slogan ‘Befehl ist Befehl’, or ‘Orders are Orders’; and as such are to be followed without demur or question, were seized with great enthusiasm when the ‘Final Solution’ was planned and orchestrated at Wannsee, because the Nazis knew that the minor functionaries and both senior and junior soldiers, when presented with such terminology as ‘Major Operation’ as cover for the massacre of 34,000 Jews at Babi-Yar near Kiev, would obey without question. Similarly, when the doctors and administrators charged with murdering ‘incurables’ were told that they were members of the ‘Public Ambulance Service Ltd’ (Gemeinnützige Krankentransport GmbH), they killed the feeble-minded because they had been ordered to do so! They never, ever, thought of questioning their orders because they knew that orders, from ‘on high’ should never be questioned, because to question ‘orders’ was to question the very authority of the German State, and that was a process which only led to one doorway, and that was marked ‘unreliable’.

So I hope that King Phillipe, the Constitutional Monarch of this troubled nation, has the guts to remain true to his Catholic Heritage, and refuses to sign this Nazi decree into Law, Constitutional Crisis or no!

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