…………and whats mine is my own!

One of the many things which marked the Communist philosophy of the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was the belief that there was no such thing as private property, everything belonged to the State, everyone was equal, notwithstanding George Orwell’s comments; and the only loyalty was to the State. The fact that the leaders of that bloody revolutionary State, who murdered so many millions of Soviet Russia’s own, and placed millions more in abject poverty, considered themselves above the law in regard to that property, is perhaps beside the point. They did believe themselves better, and more worthy of special treatment, to the extent of building their own suburbs where the èlite, or the ‘Nomenklatura’ could insulate themselves as the new ‘ruling class’ from the workers, the peasants, who were treated as little more than slaves of the new aristocracy.

But the old ideals of ‘no private property’, of a blanket desire to make all do as the new Czars of the old Russia decreed, lives on today in the minds of some here in the West, despite ample demonstration that the old systems, the old ‘Communism’ just did not work. These people still believe that the old traditions of the Communists should still be allowed to grow in the ‘wasteful’ fields of the capitalist countries who watched as the original communists shrivelled and fell. They still believe in the ‘Communist ideals’ which call for all property to be ‘communal’, that no-one should be able to choose if a property they have purchased should remain empty, or even to be able to choose to whom they either rent to, or sell that property to if they so desire.

People such as David Ireland, chief executive of the Empty Homes ’charity’, which campaigns for vacant homes to be made available for those who need housing. “It will be shocking to ordinary people.” This clown believes that there should be no such thing as private property, and the ‘homeless’ should be allocated homes from whatever housing stock is unoccupied, for whatever reason, simply because it is ‘immoral’. Where does this clown get his audience from? The Guardian; where else!

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