and on, and on, etc.

I have written before of grief, of remembrance, of a loss so sharp that it seemed to cut through the wind; but I get just a little tired of the professional blame bunch, especially from this lot.

They blame the design of the grounds.
They state that the ‘visitors turnstiles’ were old, decrepit, and continually jammed.
They blame the ground’s owners for not remodelling the entire stadium for better access.
They blame the police for not supervising crowd control.
They blame the police for the lack of co-ordination between gates.
They blame the police and the Sheffield club for anything they had previously forgotten to include in their litany of blame.
Strangely enough, not a word is laid; not a finger pointed; not a single utterance of condemnation is made at the Liverpool ‘fans’ who made their final heave to get in to see their sacred ‘club’ play a game of bloody football; and in doing so helped crush ninety-six of their fellow supporters to death.

Once again, the serial champions of the British Cities Victimhood trophy gather to allegedly mourn those who died; the solemn ‘minute silence’ echoes around their silly minds, the bells toll continnually; and we are supposed to feel; What Exactly?