it all depends on your ‘Point of View’

It is, unfortunately, a fact of life that anyone in Great Britain with even vaguely ‘centrist’ or ‘right-of-centre views’ perceives the BBC as an organ of the Left;  a broadcaster with a built-in bias against anybody, any politician, any Party, which views political life in this country in opposition to its own, narrow, egocentrically left-wing, liberally-biased viewpoint.

The Biased BBC blog, edited consistently by ATW’s David, gives graphic illustration of that built-in bias against anyone who does not share, whole-heartedly, the BBC’s viewpoint.

Peruse, if you would, the following comments following a Guardian report on a statement by Eric Pickles on council propaganda news-sheets:-

He will have to close the BBC down, that spouts Tory propaganda on every news programme.

Well said, couldn’t agree more. I can barely watch the BBC news these days, it’s so full of Tory propaganda.

You’ll enjoy this headline.

Rising wages change terms of debate

My 85 year old Mum mentioned the BBC tonight. She said she had stopped watching the BBC News because its a Tory party broadcast.
She’s switched to Channel 4. I might do the same.

My query is quite simple: are these people on the same planet as the rest of us?

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