“You look underneath that UKIP facade…………..

……………………………………and you see something pretty nasty and unpleasant,”

So sayeth Tony Blair, the true voice of Labour as well as both Conservatives and the LibDums.

British people tend to speak as they find, and I, in particular, tend to speak out possibly more often and perhaps more robustly than many. I have watched many politicians on tv screens, and heard many more by radio, and I can honestly state that I have come across few more deeply unpleasant and self-serving that the man who led the British Labour Party for some thirteen years.

The old-style Labour movement, despite opposing their strategies, politics and divisive actions for most of my adult life, held a strange fascination for me.  The Labour politicians of my youth had integrity by the bucket-full, the word ‘honesty’ must have been invented to categorise the Labour believers, and; despite being diametrically opposed to the very idea of Socialism, and of course Marxism and Communism, from which most of the Labour Party gained a great deal of their core beliefs and structures, I found that they could be depended upon to follow their words with deeds, and they never disappointed the millions who followed, and believed in them, as both politicians and as men of their word.

Take a close, measured look at the crop which inherited the legacy after the sudden and unfortunate death of John Smith, a man of integrity, of honesty and of truth, and then judge them on their  words and follow their deeds. The age of the ‘spin-doctor’ arrived with their weasel words, their smooth and subtle demolitions of their opponents, both inside as well as outside, their beloved Labour Party. The by-line of the Labour Party morphed from ‘We shall serve the Nation” to ‘Things can only get better’, and if you believed that, you’d believe anything. From the dodgy double dealings of Blair’s sidekick Peter Mandelson, who sold the Hinduja Brothers their British passports for a measly half-million quid each, throught the machinations of Blair and Hain and the travesty of the Belfast Agreement; to the sordid sexual antics of ‘bluff John Prescott’, he of the Deputy Prime Minister’s title and the revolving office door and stained desk. It is true that no-one could aim any sexual innuendo at Blair, but only because his barbed-wire-lipped wife would probably have castrated him if he had ever strayed off the reservation.

His policy of nodding in tune with Bush, whilst valid in the case of a truly criminal bunch in Afghanistan, led us into the catastrophe which was Iraq, and we all know what happened there. His Defence policies, of never planning and providing the right equipment for a war undreamed by the planners, gave rise to a new industry back home in Britain, that of manufacturing and devising hi-tech artificial limbs to replace those blown off by ever-more sophisticated roadside bombs.

The strategies of leaving the migration door wide open has left us with a million-odd strong army of ‘jihadi’ volunteers, as well as the lunacies of the forerunners to the Lisbon Treaty which not only left the doors ever wider, the damn hinges rusted away, as the floods of Polish and hundreds of thousands of all varieties of African, Bandladeshi, Asian and Arabic jetsam washed up on our shores; all of whom were immediately designated ‘asylum seekers’: and we live with the garbage even today, with the recent arrival of the Roma, the Bulgars and the rest of the squalid clowns all eager to demonstrate their ability to sign on for all the welfare available! By the deliberate policies of Blair and his cohorts, the very face of Britain has been visibly altered, and we cannot do anything about it!

After he finally saw the light, and left us with that true no-hoper Gordon Brown, who held the distinction of being disliked by everybody; he swans off around the world, giving lectures and speeches to the faithful, the bankers and the odd dictator or two, and making a fortune estimated in the millions whilst doing so.

Blair labels those British people who voted  or stand for UKIP as unpleasant; but I ask you, has this slippery bastard ever looked in a mirror?

…and some would say the Spring has sprung…

From being a functioning State which was governed with an iron fist by its dictator Gaddafi, to a disparate and desperate bunch of lawless, heavily armed militias running wild through the sands; in only three years, must be some sort of record.

Libya, a country blessed with a surfeit of oil, as well as pure clean water, was always a place where, if you went there to work, you did so on their terms. Gaddafi was the boss, his close-knit family ran just about everything, and the Revolution was always with you.

Then the Spring burst upon an unsuspecting Arab world, and, when the Libyan rebels cut loose in Benghazi, seeking a new order, Gadaffi sent in his armoured columns to cut down the uprising. France sent in the Mirages and Rafales  of the French Armee de L’Air, and those same armoured columns suddenly became so much scrap metal. Cameron ordered the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force  to co-operate in a no-fly zone to aid the rebels, along of course with the vast logistical aid of the Americans; and once the rebels broke out and commenced slaughtering the Gaddafi loyalists, it was just a matter of time before it was all over. The lunacies of the Gaddafi era were shown to the wider world, and all was thought to be gravy.

In a measure of how quickly order has been restored in Tripoli, David Cameron, the prime minister and the French president touched down in the capital less than a month after Muammar Gaddafi was toppled amid heavy fighting. At a hospital the pair were given an enthusiastic welcome – the kind of reception the two could only dream about in their own countries – and a calmer, but no less warm, greeting by Libya‘s interim rulers.

Although anxious to avoid perceptions of a victory lap, given the ongoing fighting and the failure to capture Gaddafi, Cameron and Sarkozy citedthe Libyan experience as a beacon for the region. “This does go beyond Libya,” Cameron told a press conference at the Corinthia hotel. “This is a moment when the Arab spring could become an Arab summer and we see democracy advance in other countries too. “I believe you have the opportunity to give an example to others about what taking back your country can mean.”

The fools of the Foreign Office, together with their compatriots in Paris, loudly proclaimed that ‘democracy’ was just around the corner, and commenced block-ordering sample ballot papers printed in Arabic.

Anyone smell burning paper?

and break the glass, so the flames may spread!

If there had been a fire-bomb attack on a school bus full of sixth-graders from a Catholic or Church of England school  in Barnsley, or Bruges, or Boston, or Bain-de-Bretagne, the headlines would have jumped off the pages of both the British and Amnerican broadsheets  and red-top tabloids alike. If four muslim fanatics had attempted to kill, in the most savage manner possible, that same busload of young women near any of those four towns or cities; the newsrooms of the BBC, of Sky and ITV, the very news websites of our nations would have crashed under the weight of interest in the abortive attack; on whether the perpetrators had been caught, or executed if caught in France (the old idea of ‘an eye for an eye’ being quite prevalent in La Republique these days). As when four murderous Muslim ‘shaheed’ fanatics threw London into paralysis just a few years ago, the tumult would have been truly deafening.

So I am indeed forced to wonder, to speculate why such an attack, which really did take place when a bus full of Jewish schoolgirls, on a trip to the site of Rachael’s tomb was the target of four terrorists when they attacked the bus with firebombs; why this deadly attack was not even mentioned on page 47 of the Guardian, or even further back in the Times, or the Telegraph, or the New York Times or the Washington Post? I mean to say, news from Israel is often promoted to the front page for lesser stories, such as Jewish teenagers spray-painting or tagging the sides of a building, or Palestinian homes being demolished.

But a bus-load of Jewish girls attacked with firebombs? Not a word; not a link; not a single paragraph: except in the pages of Arutz Sheva. Was it because the bus was literally armoured against such an attack, and so when the driver accelerated away, the murderous flames claimed not a single victim? Was it because the Israelis know their enemies just too well, and plan for such an attack to be repelled and escape all too easy? Or was it simply because the heroines were just that, young Jewish women who had escaped from a deadly attack because of good planning and expensive but necessary protection and armour against an enemy which knows no limits of debauchery in the depths of their hatred for both Israelis, and the very State of Israel?

and what say the brave Black nations? Send your aid and charity cash; and your soldiers!

I note that Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan, (perhaps his mother should have chosen a Christian name less prone to fortune or chance) has cancelled a visit to the village from where all those schoolgirls were abducted some weeks ago. His security men were worried that the road to the village passes through an area largely controlled and patrolled by the Muslim bandits of Boko Haram, and they decided that they could not guarantee the safety of their leader.

Surely a further indictment of this corrupt and crime-laden country, which is possibly the wealthiest of all Africa, with oil and gas reserves totalling billions, is that the only Army it can field is so afraid of contact with a well-armed and –motivated group of terrorists that some opened fire on the commander who is ordering them to move against the Boko Haram terror fighters.

So all the so-called African leaders are heading to Paris, and will be asking the British, the French and the Americans to help in their battle against a determined and disciplined rebel force. I hold no liking for the Muslim bandits of either Africa or the blood-soaked sands of Arabia, but one thing which must be agreed of these savages is the fact that they believe in their cause; no matter how blood-soaked it becomes! The corruptions which have crippled Nigeria’s attempts to even govern itself are but typical of the mindset of the Black nations of Africa, who, once ‘freed’ by ‘Independence’ from the allegedly ‘despotic’ regimes of the Colonial West, decided to enrich themselves and their lackeys, as we have seen time and time again, from Zimbabwe to South Africa, from the Ivory Coast to Kenya, they are all at the trough, Black leaders driving in their limousines past the shacks of those who once hoped for better times; and then, when the bullets commence flying, seek the white man’s help to dig them out of the cess-pit they have helped construct after their ‘Freedom from the White Man’!

Compromise? They don’t know how to spell it, never mind what it means.

Listening on the Beeb’s Today Programme to what must be considered a true favourite of the BBC’s way of group-think. The woman being interviewed had a son who had been kidnapped by the Nigerian Boko Haram bunch of criminal terrorists, and he had been killed during a rescue attempt. The woman was being interviewed as she had personal knowledge of these muslim killers, but she was saying that the Nigerian government should ‘open a dialogue’ with these fanatics, they should explore ‘areas of compromise’; and if necessary her son’s killers should be released as part of a deal with the Boko Haram bunch, who hold nearly three hundred girls from a school in Northern Nigeria.

When I state ‘true favourite of the BBC’s way of group-think’, I believe that this is what has been a total ‘belief’ tenet of the Corporation for decades. We must, in the eyes of the BBC, always compromise, always defer to others, never ever stand on principle, never ever argue or stand up for what we, as a nation, used to believe in or argue from a moral standpoint.

The woman whose son was murdered by these muslim killers is, of course, tragically mistaken in hoping for dialogue or compromise with any group who operates under the shadow of terror, or the bullet. The Nigerian government must, in my own view, organise and operate a policy of ‘search and destroy’ against the shadowy terrorists who seem to operate with impunity in the north of that burdened and corrupt country. They must operate as we, in Great Britain, singularly failed to during our own terrorist struggle; they should operate on a ‘shoot to kill’ policy, they should operate on the fact that ‘the only good terrorist is a dead terrorist’ with no bargains, no cushy prisons, no cosy deals, and they should never, ever, offer a place in Government if the terrorists would only promise to ‘disarm and place their weaponry beyond use’; mainly because we all know how weasel promises like that end up!

Heroes and Idols

Many of my posts contain the immortal phrase ‘when I was much younger’. It is a singular truth that youth is wasted upon the young, but I regret nothing done when much younger than I am today.

arealtonyMy comedy heroes were real people, real because they were flawed as most humans are, but they overcame those flaws to delight their audiences. Men such as Tony Hancock, whose ability to speak his scripts and pass on the ability of the writers, was itself a work of near genius. A man who could say the words “Does Magna Carta mean nothing to you? Did she die in vain? Brave Hungarian peasant girl who forced King John to sign the pledge at Runnymede and close the boozers at half past ten! Is all this to be forgotten?” and have the audience rolling in the aisles with laughter. A man who could play the part of a self-important no-body who had volunteered to be a blood donor; suffered the pin-prick of the sample needle, but upon being told that that was not the donation, but was to be the pint of his blood. His reply went down into comedy history as “A pint. That’s nearly an armful!”

Most younger ATW readers will not have heard of the Goon Show, but for some nine-odd years, from 1951 to 1960, it was the top-rated comedy show broadcast by the BBC. Some of the phrases invented by the stars of that show have entered the English language. Have you ever heard anyone ever complain “I’ve come down with a bad case of Lurgi”? Everyone understands exactly what he has, which is probably a dose of ‘Flu, or a virus infection; but the ‘Lurgi’ was invented and first broadcast by the Goons somewhere around 1955. The Goons also scored the first truly political broadcast ‘bullseye’ when there was some political furore based around Churchill allegedly ordering Field Marshal Montgomery, by telegram, to store the surrendered German weaponry carefully after the end of the War, as the Germans might have to be re-armed to fight against a Russia determined to rule Poland. The Labour Party whipped up some rumours about how the Prime Minister had been ready to use German soldiers against Russian forces, and there was quite a search for the telegram. In the Goon’s broadcast, a cast member asks, “Who is that short, fat man underneath the table?” Peter Sellers, who was well known for his ability to mimic other people’s voices, replied in a perfect rendition of Churchill’s tones, “Looking for that blasted telegram!”. The BBC actually apologised to Churchill.

A simple but strange commentary upon the way we, as a nation, were entertained is the truth that not one, not a single comedy show, in those distant days of, perhaps a more gentle time, ever featured, if that is the correct term, any swearing, any obscenities, any references to people’s sexuality; and still we laughed, and enjoyed those shows; but perhaps these times reflect a harder truth about how we have been subverted by liberal philosophies!

Me? Violent? Just hold these brass knuckles so I may answer truthfully

UKIP leader Nigel Farage stated:=

The Ukip leader said that repeated attempts by political opponents to disrupt his public meetings have forced him to hire bodyguards.He also suggested that the attempts to silence him were linked to senior Labour Party figures.
In a BBC interview, Mr Farage said that his personal security has been threatened by supporters of UAF and another campaign group, Hope Not Hate.
He said: “Sadly, we have a couple of organisations out there headed up by senior Labour Party figures, who purport to be against fascism and extremism [and] who have acted in a violent way more than once. I’m perfectly happy for them to come to my meetings and have an argument with me but it’s not so much fun when they’re banging you over the head with banners.”

Doreen Lawrence, is the Honorary President of ‘Unite against Fascism’ .

The campaign group lists Lady Lawrence, a Labour peer, as one of its honorary presidents and says she has been a regular supporter and attendee at its meetings. However, Lady Lawrence insisted she was not closely involved with the group.

Asked about Mr Farage and UAF, Baroness Lawrence said: “I am not the president and I don’t really have a lot to do with the organisation.”

Speaking at her home in south London, she added that she had been to a couple of the organisation’s events a long time ago, and did not wish to comment on Mr Farage’s claims.

Yes, she definitely looks as though she is uninvolved with the UAF,

the best-laid plans……gang aft a-gley!

It all started with the best possible motives, which was to set in hard memory the vaunted deeds and so-called ‘sacrifices’ of the sacred volunteers of the Irish Republican Army. Other people, with a more settled view of events, would call these ‘sacred volunteers’ by another set of names and adjectives, with ‘murderous psychopaths’ being one of the more printable versions, but perhaps back to the news.

The John J. Burns Library of Rare Books and Special Collections at Boston College was to be the repository for the murderous memories of this bunch of killers, the preliminary meetings, between an American librarian, a journalist and an ex-IRA killer who had served seventeen years for the killing of a Protestant ‘volunteer’ was arranged, and this meeting was to serve as the start point for an ambitious project to record, for ‘history’, for future researchers who foraged after their version of the ‘Truth about the Troubles’. These three starry-eyed idiots, full of beer, patriotism and promises, forgot one teensy-weeny tiny detail. When they promised the killers anonymity, when they promised that no-one would see or hear the recordings until after the death of the person whose words were recorded; when they told the likes of the stone-cold killer Dolours Price that she would be remembered as a heroine of the ‘Freedom fighters’; they hadn’t put any of their ‘contracts’, their silly, stupid legally-binding promises before a trained American lawyer!

And that is why we are hearing of the arrests in Northern Ireland, of the detention of the leader of the gang of killers who snatched a widowed mother of ten from her living room, tortured her and then shot her in the back of the head before burial in an unmarked grave. He may well escape true justice, but there are many voices to be listened to, and the PSNI, in an attempt to maybe get ahead of the ridicule, have even bought new headphones!

Yes; they have not gone away: Y’know!

Listening to an interview with the son of Jean McConville, murdered by the IRA butchers some fifty-odd years ago.

When asked why he had never spoken the names of the murderous clowns who had dragged his mnother out of their home, he replied:-

“I have a young family, they would be targeted by the same men who killed my mother”

I tend to agree with my mate  David’s viewpoint that, all things considered; that’s a very strange ‘Peace’ you have over there!