Me? Violent? Just hold these brass knuckles so I may answer truthfully

UKIP leader Nigel Farage stated:=

The Ukip leader said that repeated attempts by political opponents to disrupt his public meetings have forced him to hire bodyguards.He also suggested that the attempts to silence him were linked to senior Labour Party figures.
In a BBC interview, Mr Farage said that his personal security has been threatened by supporters of UAF and another campaign group, Hope Not Hate.
He said: “Sadly, we have a couple of organisations out there headed up by senior Labour Party figures, who purport to be against fascism and extremism [and] who have acted in a violent way more than once. I’m perfectly happy for them to come to my meetings and have an argument with me but it’s not so much fun when they’re banging you over the head with banners.”

Doreen Lawrence, is the Honorary President of ‘Unite against Fascism’ .

The campaign group lists Lady Lawrence, a Labour peer, as one of its honorary presidents and says she has been a regular supporter and attendee at its meetings. However, Lady Lawrence insisted she was not closely involved with the group.

Asked about Mr Farage and UAF, Baroness Lawrence said: “I am not the president and I don’t really have a lot to do with the organisation.”

Speaking at her home in south London, she added that she had been to a couple of the organisation’s events a long time ago, and did not wish to comment on Mr Farage’s claims.

Yes, she definitely looks as though she is uninvolved with the UAF,