It all depends if they are, or wish to be

In the true spirit of journalism, I had a look at the effects of things similar to Google’s European operations having to comply with EU court rulings on privacy.

Some wonderful things can be highlit by such searches, but the funniest, and possibly the most unwelcome, result of a request for anonymity can be seen here:-


  1. The Boring Home: Aaron and Christine Boring of Franklin Park Pa. claimed that Google Maps’ Street View feature violated their privacy, devalued their property and caused them mental suffering by posting images of a private road in front of their house. The Borings said that the images of their home must have been taken from their long driveway, which is labeled “Private Road.”

I would have suggested a change of name.

A strange but pertinent fact regarding these requests for ‘anonymity’ is that, by simply swapping your search engine from Google UK to, all such requests are nullified, because lives, alive and kicking, in America, the ‘Land of the Free’!

As the Guardian states, it is fairly obvious the Google doesn’t like the ruling from the Court, so it notes that not only do all the stories still exist on the various websites linked, but now not shown, Google itself has begun a small but telling addtion to its Home pages; as if you check down the right-hand base of the screen you are directed to the American home page, and there you will see, as I pointed out earlier, all the links which those shifty people are trying to hide.

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