Number please?

I don’t know if any loyal reader has checked out the ‘nightmare in Comcast-land’ where an ordinary American bloke who has had a Comcast broadband connection decided that he and his family wanted to trade away, get another service provider, and break with Comcast completely. To check out this truly-Orwellian conversation, go to this link, and it will be revealed in all its awesome clarity. But the point, made later on any number of Commentary blogs, radio & tv spots, is that the Comcast bloke was literally or seemingly only trying to do his job, which is that of a ‘Customer Retention Representative’. Seems as though Comcast takes the nightmare of losing customers rather seriously, and every CRE gets a bonus for customers retained, for ‘milking services’ presumably, but, if the CRE does not show success, his number comes up on a monthly ‘debit board’, and he either loses his bonus, or gets placed on a Comcast ‘watch list’; which is presumably just about the same as the modern version of Long John Silver’s ‘Black Spot’.

Now I recently bought a new ‘smart-ish’ phone, and signed up with a different Service provider. Now when we in Gt. Britain wish to move from one mobile provider to another, you apply for a Port Authorisation Code, and then you can take your number, and your business, wherever you wish. So I contacted Orange, because I had been with them until alerted that they were much more expensive than others. So I called Orange, and asked for my PAC, and this bloke says, “Who are you moving to?”

Now I don’t normally get all uptight with people in call-centres, mainly because they usually work from  screen menus, but because this clown wouldn’t leave off asking where and why I was placing my mobile business elsewhere, I abruptly told him to ‘f*** off’, give me my PAC number, and cease pissing around.

I would only note that Comcast is seeking FCC approval to take over Time Warner, and wonder if the FCC is noticing they are allowing one big bully to get ever larger!


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