Am I sad? Not really.

This morning, I attempted to re-tune my radio, as I came to the conclusion that my choice of broadcaster, namely the BBC and specifically the Today programme; had been usurped by some strange spectral radio station bound to repeating, at least fourteen times during the first hour, and many more times after that, a smiling and sunny eulogy for Robin Williams the American actor.

Now most sentient people in Western countries where humour is allowed will admit freely that humour is subjective. What is literally that which one man or woman will keel over in near hysterics over, will obviously leave his or her neighbour wondering what all the laughter is about, which is why I, personally, would not describe Mr. Williams as a comedy genius. His rapid-fire chanting, his manic approach to his job, his anarchic approach towards other people, left me stone cold; but equally obviously made him millions of fans.

But perhaps the real reason why the BBC and their Today team made quite so much of the death of Robin Williams, and brought quite so many clips of his work onto the morning’s programme, is primarily because of their admiration for his long-term hard drug use, not giving it the true term of an addiction, and his often-spoken confessions for his disgusting habit, and a complete disregard for the fact that many impressionable people were probably drawn into the snares of the drug dealers because of his open affection for the death-dealing properties of these substances.

As a film actor, he gave some performances which were both muted, substantial and completely worthy of high respect and accolade; as a comedian, he deserved total anonymity and despair; but, there again, that’s just me!