“Smile, and say ‘Cheesy’”

We read again of yet another computer ‘hack’, but this time it is not of diplomatic messages via WikiLeaks, or even NSA files care of some bloke named Snowden, which prove that this American Spy Agency plainly has far too much time on its hands as well as probably too much cash to spend; no ways, this time it is more, way more important than anything revealed previously. This particular crime refers to some very, very intimate photographs and videos of ‘Celebrities’ who have, rather incautiously,  stored them on a ‘cloud server’ belonging to Apple, the computer company.

Now, as to the rights and wrongs of some bloke worming his way through computerised cyber thickets in order to reveal ‘personal’ pix of some ‘celebrities’, I have personally, no opinion either way. The very idea of pervily peeking into someone’s private life, leaves me stone cold, mainly because I just do not see the point. I mean, if your ‘thing’ is to gaze upon forests of penises, or peruse small mountains of photographs of vaginas, either static or in full-colour motion, t’Internet has vast arrays of pornographic websites especially set up for your enjoyment, or so I am reliably informed it does. So why, oh why, delve into the personal files of a few people so that you might mentally masturbate even more often than you normally do?

As with probably millions more, my digital photographic catalogue is carefully and safely stored, complete with hard-drive back-up, on my computer at home, but also is up on the Google Picasa website, shared with family and friends; and, I am more than pleased to state, not a bare breast visible; mine or anyone else’s!

But my main reason for writing these few words is to enquire, and I mean really enquire, as to the motivation which calls for men and women to take nude and revealing photographs of themselves and their ‘partners’ of the moment, and then to store them upon a computer system which is open to anyone at all? What possesses these people, nubile beautiful women and husky men, to photograph themselves, to memorise in digital form some moments which, to people such as myself, are amongst the most private and intimate moments of their lives? They cannot even claim that they couldn’t have known it was possible, because if an autistic genius named Gary McKinnon, operating with two computers bought over the counter at PC World, could have bull-dozed his way into NASA, the Pentagon, the U.S. Navy, and Defence Department computers despite all the fire-walls and protective systems in place whilst searching for ‘U.F.Os’; a dedicated ‘hacker’, with all the time in the world, can infiltrate Apple cloud server systems.

jackie image twoBut that still doesn’t answer the basic question, which is why take those pictures in the first place? I can remember the evening when I first met the young woman who is now my wife; my first kiss with her in the days after we met, many months before we married, as I have no doubt multitudes of other men and women can also recall. I remember with clarity the moment we two met, and I can recall with even greater clarity the moment when I held my first-born son in my arms, the product of the passion I felt for my beloved wife.  I need no paper or digital imagery to enhance my memory, so why on this good earth do they?

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