So I asked, “Who is the clown in the advert?

Initially I was reading my Sunday newspaper, and I came across an item which spoke of Victoria Beckham, the ex-alleged-pop-singer, owner of the world’s most photographed pout; wife of the seventh most-famous man in the world; and also mother to four children. She was reported as giving a speech all about curing or beating AIDs in front of the United Nations, and how it was all so wonderful that a ‘fashion icon’ had associated herself with such a worthy cause. Now I am probably going to be called all sorts of reactionary this, and that; but I just do not see the point of some woman, who, incidentally, is probably perfectly nice, and sincere, and is also a good mother; pushing herself forward to speak about some dread disease which has no cure, and has only palliative care available to treat its many and varied symptoms. Especially when the mass of HIV and AIDs sufferers have no one to blame but themselves for their condition.

As with Mrs. Beckham, so with Angelina Jolie, to whom our former Foreign Secretary seemed to be joined at the hip, or elsewhere in their joint efforts to outlaw mass rape during war or conflict. The fashion, these days, is to have some ‘Celebrity’ front the campaign of the day, or the hour, and then everyone will rally round, and either give the campaign lots and lots of money, or else pressure their Government to ‘do the right thing’ and give more of our money to the appropriate scientists, or charity workers, or aome other hanger-on. We even saw the ghastly apparition of Leonardo DiCaprio lecturing some of the world’s governments on the importance of Climate Change, and helping the poor Marshall Islanders from destitution and flooding by, again, giving them all lots of our cash. Now Mr. DiCaprio might have been acclaimed by some as a serious film actor, but I remain to be convinced that some bloke whose job it is to portray another’s life in a film is really suitable to lecture some, if perhaps not all the world’s leaders on the merits, or not, of Global Warming; especially when nothing seems to have warmed up much in the past fifteen years except the e-mail accounts of Michael Mann.

I also half-watched this advert where this supposed ‘celebrity’ named ‘Peter’ who does some shopping in a Frozen Food Supermarket, and how he is recognised by all the other shoppers, and even when he gets on a bus, he is known immediately. Well, sorry, mate; but I don’t know you from Adam, and neither does my daughter!