and the wheels grind slowly onwards

My son’s wife works in Local Government here in County Durham, and being reminded of this link to those who, in large and small ways, help govern this Nation, decided to trawl through a couple of postings on the Northern Ireland pages of the BBC News website.

The first item which caught my eye was the news that ‘remains’ had been located in County Meath after  ‘information’ had been received from the murderers via the good graces of SinnFein. The remains, unearthed from a drainage ditch adjacent to a bog  near Kells, are presumed to be the mortal remains of Brendan McGraw.

We are led to believe that a sadness clouded over the visages of SinnFeinIRA’s leaders for approximately fifty-five milliseconds, as the information was handed over to the relevant search teams.

The second item, gleaned again from the BBC pages, was a list of reports emanating from the Historical Institutional Abuse hearings, set in Banbridge Courthouse. Although there are no reports of murders or unexplained deaths from these hearings, I would lay good money on there being a solid core of suicides resultant from the treatments ladled out from these ‘caring and god-fearing’ religious men and women. To read of the treatment dished out to small children: CHILDREN, simply makes my blood run cold. To read, as the report makes abundantly clear, of a small girl being beaten ‘black and blue’, and deliberately not crying or showing any emotion, because the nun enjoyed her tears, says many things of the regime and climate in which these children were supposedly ‘cared for’!

The third item was a detailed explanation of how the ‘Devolved Government’ had failed to implement theWelfare Reforms as required by Whitehall, and how yet another ‘Committee’ was going to explain how this was inexplicable!

Sure, and isn’t Local Government wonderful!