Light match, then plunge hand into middle of fireworks bundle…….

As an ordinary Englishman, trained from early years in the field of Engineering, and being fairly successful in my chosen work for some forty-odd years, I am by no means knowledgeable of medical practices, except of course by immediate knowledge of illnesses and conditions which I, or family members have suffered from and mainly conquered over my life-span. However, the science of treating communicable diseases is well-known, even when the disease itself is both frightening in its efficiency and mobility.

The Ebola virus which is running rampant in West Africa is a deadly bug. Deadly to a point of some 80%+ of those who are infected; die. It is as simple and complicated as that. The first symptoms apparently resemble a bad dose of influenza, but once that virus takes its course, the human body usually cannot resist the viral onslaught. The patient is infectious from some three or four days into the disease’s journey, and the virus is spread by contact with bodily fluids; namely sweat, semen, blood, nasal and vocal sputum. Barrier nursing, using high-tech clothing, masks and gloves, is essential if the people who are attempting to treat those suffering from this deadly disease are not to be infected themselves. Total isolation of all those either suffering from, or adjacent to, Ebola is and must be adhered to, if the virus is to be beaten!

So why is the UK importing ‘experts and politicians’ from bloody Sierra Leone to hold a bleeding conference, when most of those same ‘experts’ have probably been exposed to the f**king virus back in bloody Africa?