‘its all their fault’ said he, again

I listened to the whining of Gerry McCann on the BBC this morning, and gradually had my long-held dislike of this man, along with his wife, confirmed as he continued his rant against the newspaper industry, as well as the newly-formed Independent Press Standards Organisation, because of a newspaper’s refusal to stop the printing of an article which libelled the pair over the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine. This intemperate man’s rant went on, despite the fact that the couple had won a libel action against the Sunday Times, and had been paid a total of £55,000.00.

This man, who together with his photogenic wife, campaigned and spoke for the complete censorship of the press when the Leveson Inquiry was proceeding, and is a firm supporter of the Hacked-off Campaign, which may give the reader some idea of the calibre of the man being interviewed. He whined on and on about how the Regulator was completely toothless, and how it was absolutely useless; this of course despite the interviewer’s comments that IPSO had only been formed a couple of weeks ago, and that IPSO had not been able to intervene in the McCann-Sunday times case because it had not yet been in existence.

I comment upon this interview, and this strange couple, only because of the high levels of interest in the original case. To my mind, this couple comes across as a pair of late-converted campaigners, eager to do and say anything to keep their cause in front of the public’s gaze. I cannot understand what their problem is; after all, they sought and won a Libel Case against the offending newspaper, the Sunday Times; they will receive a retraction, they say they will donate the money to charity: why all the angst and anger?

I would only comment, once more, upon this media-savvy couple, with their well-publicised books and constant stories of how much they miss their daughter. I cannot forget that, as far as can be established, they went out for dinner in a restaurant the evening of their daughter’s disappearance, and they wouldn’t even pay the few pounds required to give their three children a full-time and readily-available babysitter, so as to protect those small children from all risks.