Not the ‘Final’; but the Only Solution!

We learn today of a Spanish nurse who has contracted Ebola after tending to a dying priestflown out of Liberia to a Madrid hospital. A few days ago, we read of an black bloke in Texas who went down with Ebola after travelling from Liberia, via Belgium to Dallas. He lied when he boarded the plane in Africa, as he stated that he had no contact with any affected person, but instead had ‘transported’ a woman who later died of this disease in Monrovia, exposed probably many people before he finally went to hospital in Dallas, and now expects to be treated.

What should be imposed on all these tin-pot West African states is a complete international travel embargo, no-one allowed out at all, and the only people allowed in are the truly stupid who think they can ‘help others’.

My solution to this dread epidemic is quite simple, if probably a little too strict for the liberals, the ‘do-gooders’ of this world, those who believe that the inhabitants of these tropical shit-holes deserve help. The countries where this dread disease is raging should be clamped down with an international air and land travel embargo, and left to rot, because all that is happening now is the ones with any cash are buying tickets to anywhere in the West, and transporting their deadly diseases along with them. The travel embargo should remain in force until a month after the last person dies. Many might die, but the West would remain disease-free.

But I know that most Western Nation-States are too soft, too woolly-minded, too full of the dread mindset which says ‘We can help’, when what they should be doing is setting up the barbed-wire fences around these plague spots, and then waiting until this disease kills all it touches, and then dies out naturally!