There truly is one shoved out every minute!


A woman dressed in a costume is pictured during the biannual ‘Whitby Goth Weekend’ (WGW) festival in Whitby. The WGW festival brings thousands of goths and alternative lifestyle fans from the UK and around the world over a weekend of music, dancing and shopping


a weekend of music, dancing and shopping”…………”and alternative lifestyle fans”……………and if you believe that, you will truly believe anything!

and there I am, next to Buddy with the beer!



No, not him, the one next but seven across from him, and then two rows down! His buddy pulled the trigger!


A compilation of all those SEALS who now claim to have killed/slotted/injured/finished off/drowned/poisoned/silenced/admired/recruited or otherwise came into comparatively-close contact with the guy who actually hid for over five years in plain sight of the Pakistani military and ISI.