In between two heartbeats


I was listening to the news broadcasts regarding the loss of the AirAsia jet, when one item caught my attention; it was the fact that at least one of the bodies found at the crash scene was wearing a life-jacket. This means that there was some warning given the passengers by crew members; they knew of a problem, and they reacted by issuing the order to don lifejackets.

Those same lifejackets which 99.999% of all airline passengers routinely ignore during the two-minute safety lecture given at the start of every airline flight. We’ve all done it; we’ve all wished that those stewards and stewardesses would give over telling us how to get off the plane ‘in case of an emergency’; we’ve all tuned out those people who are, after all, only doing their jobs, whilst looking at a bunch of heads all busy doing anything but paying attention to something which just may save their lives.

When much younger, I too, ignored those warnings, despite being given absolute proof that those airborne dangers are just a heartbeat away!