now you see it; and now you don’t

Leading every News broadcast on the BBC this morning was an item telling of Babies been literally sold on line in China to childless couples. The ‘shocked and disturbed’ reporter stated how they had called the woman who had advertised her child on the Internet, and after confirming her story was correct, contacted the authorities. Other instances of this practice were also related, and everyone agreed how terrible it was, and how sad, and how lucky we were to live in a country where that sort of practice wasn’t tolerated at all!

Sad and nasty this story mav have been, but has it crossed anyone’s mind that we have heard very little, after the first outbursts of ‘shock and horror’ were broadcast after the truly scandalous tales of Child Rape, torture and Child prostitution emanating from the Paki Muslim stronghold in Oxford. Those stories of horrific acts of brutality against girls as young as eleven, were consistently brushed aside because the girls‘asked for it’, or were considered ‘streetwise’; or simply ‘too much trouble to check properly’. In a city where one of the most prestigious Universities in the world is sited, where liberal thought reigns supreme; over 370 children were sexually abused, raped and trafficked with complete impunity by a gang of Muslim Pakis who live in Britain but actually believe that they could import their Pashtun tribal beliefs, where women are considered property, where any white girl or woman is considered fair game because they are ‘unbelievers’: and they were allowed to get away with it for over a decade!

Instead of commenting upon a story, however true about child trading in China, perhaps our oh-so-impartial BBC could concentrate upon things that matter in Britain. Perhaps they could write a story about the fact that the Chief Constable, a woman named Sara Thornton repeated her apology to the victims for failing to stop the abusers earlier; but had in fact resigned once she knew the report would be so damning of her Force, and had been appointed to run the National Police Chiefs’ Council, the successor to ACPO. Now that would be a story: you are the Chief Constable of a Force which failed its youngsters so miserably, and you are rewarded with a plum new job, with a great deal more cash, and a better uniform.

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