The Sodomite’s Charter

A copy of a letter sent to three of our local newspapers.

It is a subject upon which I have strong views.

For the attention of the Editor

Dear Sir,

As the British General Election is just around the corner, I would take this opportunity to remind your readers what has been abolished, ‘IN YOUR NAME’, by the ghastly Tory/Lib-Dim coalition, aided by the fellow-travellers of the Labour Party. The voters of Britain, barring Northern Ireland of course, have had their Marriages abolished by the Tories, Labour and of course the simpering Lib-Dims, and had ‘Equality’ dumped in their unprotesting laps instead. Yes folks, you, along with some twenty-five million other married people have been made equal, by Act of Parliament, to a bunch of perverts, homosexuals, lesbians and other weirdos by the Same-Sex Marriage Act.

You were not asked if you wished this  transition, which gives ‘equality’ to a bunch whose prime drive is buggery and sodomy. When a ‘Consultation’ was undertaken on the suitability and acceptability of this Legislation, some 600,000-odd signatures on a petition were treated as ONE voice, and of course were disregarded by the gay-friendly mob in Westminster, because they wanted this Act to go through. 400-odd voted for it, with only 170 against; because the gay lobby, which desires your children to be told that homosexuality is not a perversion, pushed for this despicable legislation to pass.

No conscience clauses were accepted, no exceptions were made, you do as you are told!

So, in finishing, remember that your Marriage was diminished last year; your Marriage, when you either stood and made your vows before your God, or stood and promised in a Registry Office was diminished by a bunch of politicians who never ever asked if you cared. Remember that diminution when you stand in the Ballot Booth on May 7th; and treat them accordingly!


Mike Cunningham

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