The Fog….or the Mind of an Left-leaning Liberal

One of the many problems which affect the elderly is a faulty memory. We struggle to recall a word, a phrase, a statement, even a name; sometimes we confuse adverbs with adjectives, but, sometimes specifically, I cannot recall a species. Allow me to explain:-

Jim Naughtie of BBC Today fame, was interviewing a few years ago, some lady:  Scots I seem to recall, on the subject of the priority removal of pests, small rodents or small animals, from her garden property. As I stated before, I just cannot remember species what was being discussed, but I definitely recall the Scots lady’s statement, which was “Och, I just kill them all!” This statement, which to me was perfectly reasonable and logical, because after all they were discussing garden pests, whether moles, or rats, or rabbits, or whatever. But  I vividly remember the BBC interviewer’s response, which was to blurt out, in tones which reeked of Hibernian ‘Wee Free’ censorious condemnation, “But that’s Murrrrrderrrrr!” (for interpretation, explanation and further information, readers are advised to watch or listen to the voice of the female detective who is featured in old videos or DVDs of ‘Taggart’.

So whilst the lady was describing the efficient removal and ridding her garden of pests, which were destroying her plants, or flowers, or whatever; the BBC man was comparing her actions to that of a serial killer!

Now transfer, if you would, your thoughts to the members of a British Anti-Terrorist Police Group, where sensitive intelligence has lead them to believe that a foreign-born but naturalised British citizen is making plans to go to another country; and whilst in that country he will be collecting a device, or equipment, which may, repeat may, be imported back to Great Britain, and will be used in, to use the correct legal term, the furtherance of an Act of Terrorism. The intelligence strongly suggests the return of the plotter back to Great Britain. There are no phone tap or intercepts recorded, no e-mails which can be used as evidence with which to arrest him whilst on British soil; all they have is verbal warnings that this man is about to wreak death and destruction upon his return from his visit abroad.

The philosophical question I now put to readers is this:- As the country, which for our purposes shall be known as S.A., which the suspect will visit, is a firm believer in, and a very efficient user of, Capital Punishment; should the Anti-Terror Group advise the S.A. police force that the suspect will be travelling equipped with a deadly terror device, in which case the suspect, holder of a valid British passport will more than likely be arrested, charged, found guilty on terror charges, and executed by decapitation, a fate which he would have thoroughly deserved: or, knowing that the British government has strong and deeply held reservations about Capital Punishment and the Death Penalty, should the Anti-Terror police remain silent, and hope against hope that they can intercept the suspected ‘jihadi’ on his return to British soil before he makes his final moves towards his martyrdom?

Just like the question the Australians had to think about!

the missing adjective……Alleged

When the dreaded name ‘Jimmy Saville’ appears in print, usually nowadays in huge headlines, alongside such terms as ‘victims’, or ‘abuse’, or even more explicitly ‘sexual activity with a minor’; we are alerted, almost by Pavlovian behaviour modification; to expect ever more unsavoury details regarding this dead ********** pervert.  But there seems to me to be almost a bandwagon effect, with the added problem that, because the man is dead, absolutely none of these allegations can be tested in a Court. But hey; there’s the legal get-out, because it has long been established that you cannot defame or libel the dead. So, the band-wagon rolls on with Savile accused of everything from necrophilia to advising Prince Charles on his marriage prospects. We have all seen the headlines, hells gates, I myself have even written on another blogsite regarding this particular man, and of the crimes he has been accused of; and of my own distaste for the very thought of this high-profile personality being allowed to literally get away with crimes worse than murder. The evidence, the accusations, tested by CPS solicitors on evidence collected by the police, seem incontrovertible; the accusers line up, with their claims and hopes for, er, Compensation!!!! There is, however, yet another side to this long, turgid and complex story, and that is the side retailed by a blogger named Susanne Cameron-Blackie who writes under the title Anna Racoon. Scan her voluminous postings, as she writes with a certain veracity based on her sojourns at the Duncroft Approved School. As to the truth of the many and varied allegations against this disc jockey; I am fairly certain that discussions, stories, rages will continue for years; but, in researching this small post, I have formed the conclusion that it is a little far-fetched to automatically state that there can be no doubt of his guilt. After all, it would have to be an enormous conspiracy involving hundreds of BBC staff, not particularly known for being reticent, thousands more of NHS, Broadmoor and Stoke Mandeville staff, all of whom would need to be totally complicit in a massive cover-up.

And you shall be taken from here…

I, along with many millions, have long been an advocate for the Death Penalty for certain crimes; murder being just one, but many other categories of crime would warrant the judicial route to Death row; such as Child Abuse and Paeadophilia, Treason, but mainly being found guilty of Drug Trafficking.

When this headline is printed, and seen on line by over forty million people, not much is written about the nameless and unknown victims of those who, hopefully, will wilt as the bullets tear into their bodies very, very soon. We are shown allegedly-heart-rending images of the ‘families’ as they greet their relatives for the last time, and we are told of the pleas for clemency to the Indonesian President, and we are also told of the families’ hope that a last minute intervention will save their criminal offspring.

Strangely enough, not much has been written about the impact that some 18 pounds of 85% pure heroin would have had upon the addicts of this deadly trade; not much has been written of the young lives wrecked, of human bodies wracked with pain as the withdrawal symptoms kick in, no headlines featuring the countless young women forced into prostitution just to fund their addiction to this deadly dust. No apologies have been forthcoming from the ‘Bali Nine’ as their ‘deadline’ (pun definitely intended) approaches.

The Indonesians have the right approach to this ugly trade: they state on placards in the arrivals hall of their airports; “if you deal in drugs, if you are found to be smuggling drugs, you will be put to death”. As a warning, as a definite statement, the greedy fools who attempt the heroin run were told; and there should be no reprieve for the long-distance dealers in death, for they are just receiving what they planned to distribute to others!

take your trade links; and shove them where the sun don’t shine!

In my youth, the song which rang some bells for me was the simple but deeply suggestive‘Where have all the flowers gone?’ It was Pete Seeger’s composition which defined many protests and started many to question many things and actions by their Governments. Now I would state that I disagreed with just about all the protests, but would always defend their right to protest.

But there comes a time when I feel that protest, and noisy protest at that; is fully justified. As I have maybe indicated before on this blogsite, organised religion features very low down on my own personal list of priorities, if at all. One of the finest and nicest ladies of my own acquaintance and family is retired from active participation in her chosen faith, so obviously I could never, ever, proclaim to her that she may have been mistaken, but suffice to say that participation in any church service does not feature very highly on my ‘bucket list’.

But I feel a definite need to urge our pusillanimous politicians to meet, pray and talk with the only religious Personage who t deserves appreciation, approval, approbation and true publicity: namely the Dalai Llama, (paywalled) mainly because it would thoroughly piss off the bullying and belligerent invaders of that Holy Man’s native Tibet. I would also add that, should the bloody Chinese object, and threaten trade sanctions, and all the other repressive actions of the truly nasty and murderous Communists, the British reply should simply be:- “We run Great Britain, not the f””@** Red Chinese; and we’ll decide who we will bloody well greet, talk and pray with!

I suppose I’d have to plead ‘Probably Guilty’

After reading a mate of mine’s post, I would point towards a blog I read regularly and this post in particular.

My comment, copied herewith, say much about my attitude to such  pillocks such as Gauleiter Milliband.

There is a song from Gilbert & Sullivan’s ‘HMS Pinafore’ entitled ‘He is an Englishman’ which says much about those millions of Englishmen who either cannot or will not speak for themselves; but I would extend those musical remarks, to lay out some ideas of the true Englishman.

We don’t appreciate being told to accept, through manufactured Laws and twisted logic, that homosexuals are equal, or ‘just the same as we are’ because, deep down, We know they are not; but, paradoxically, we also believe that, providing they ‘shut the f*ck up’ and stop prancing around demanding their ‘diversity and equality rights’, and that they should immediately and definitely not be allowed the sacred and sanctified title and state of Marriage; they should do as we do, which is ‘live and let live’.

To be an Englishman is almost a state of mind, where if a man such as I sees and hears the vast majority of his fellow subjects of Her Majesty chanting football club slogans, or discussing in gloomy tones the latest abject display of the national cricket team; or displaying similar sentiments on any other English team or solo sporting activity: I can wistfully shake my head in disbelief at the strange manner by which my fellow Englishmen are so easily diverted.

We should, I firmly believe, repeal all and any of the myriad Laws which foreshorten or limit the very idea of ‘Freedom of Speech’, or allow some clown to lay a charge against another because he has been ‘offended’. I would also bring back the Death Penalty for treason, murder and for incitement to murder, for child abuse and paeadophiles, but would also insist that that particular sentence be carried out by firing squad within twelve hours of the sentence; as I reckon there is no time like the present, as the guilty party would have less time to think up excuses for further delay.

As a true Englishman, I would reform the political process, but only to the extent that all major spending decisions be subject to a digital referendum every year, with no postal or paper ballots allowed at all. That same digital procedure should be adopted for local and national elections, again with absolutely no postal ballots allowed. The only exception would be where three individual doctors certify inability to move, and the ballot would be taken on a sealed laptop in secret, with no other family members present.

As an Englishman who actually believes in listening to all sides of any argument, I would immediately repudiate and demolish the BBC, and replace it with a subscription service; and then we would maybe see if the English would pay voluntarily for the load of liberal bollocks dished out over both tv and radio channels presently funded by the licence poll tax.

As an Englishman, I would immediately close the immigration doors against any more Muslim migration, from anywhere in the world. The numbers of migrants other than Muslim should be reduced, but we should be encouraging more skilled workers from the Commonwealth, again as long as they are not Muslim, because we have too many members of the Fifth Column on our shores at present.

A few ideas, but, there again, it’s a start!

As ye sow, then so shall you reap

In the avalanche of dismal news regarding the General Election, with all the usual suspects gobbing off on how many jobs they would ‘create’, how much money they would ‘save; along with all the other lies, fabrications and bullshit: there shines a single news item which should encourage many in their pursuit of both free speech, free elections and, primarily, Justice.

Yes, as predicted, Lutfur Rahman has been found ‘Guilty as Charged’ on counts of election fraud, subverting democracy, postal voting manipulation and fraud.

Barrister Francis Hoar stated ‘Since the beginning of his political career, he has been prepared to take whatever steps, use whatever means, recruit whatever support, to obtain power – power for himself, power for his friends and most importantly, power over his community.’

Good news for Tower Hamlets in the Mayoral Election, which was subverted by this amoral Muslim thief, crook and fraudster; and this should be a signal to examine, in detail, all the other Fifth Columnists of his ilk as they prepare to lie through their collective teeth to gain power at Westminster.

a pathological denial of ‘murder’

Fact   The defendant has four other children

Alleged fact   Until that point she had managed to keep her pregnancy secret from her family  (This presumably by copious applications of this product, no doubt!) and gave birth to the child in the bath before killing her by shoving folded toilet paper down that tiny, newborn throat; and thereby asphyxiating that small defenceless baby.

I have a short message for Mr Justice Teare,  who is presiding at Winchester Crown Court, Hampshire.

You really are an incredibly credulous fool!

We must now accept that

“you were suffering from an abnormality of mental functioning which substantially impaired your judgement”  and “Your actions of killing the baby were a manifestation of your irrational condition and your actions were wholly out of character.’

translates to…………..”The cock-and-bullshit story patched together by this murderous female and her defence team was sufficient to allow a judge who is definitely past his own sell-by-date to buy this totally incredible story as the truth!”

A quote from the police stated “Our thoughts are with the victim’s wider family as they are struggling to comprehend how and why this tragedy happened”

All terribly sad for the ‘victim’, not a great deal of sorrow for the tiny baby murdered by this scheming woman and her devious, lying, family.

You must be joking; old boy!

After all, the old boy’s really past his prime, we’re told he’s got dementia, what would the purpose be of putting ‘Lord’ Greville Janner; pride of the Labour pack in the House of Lords, on trial?


I’ll tell you why this vicious, amoral, perverted and evil man should be placed on trial, sick or not.

So that the rest of the bloody Establishment which helped cover up his paeadophile activities will be warned that there is no escape from Justice! So his victims can finally have their day in court, and because they will not have to wait another twenty years before the ludicrous Child Abuse Enquiry finally decides it cannot do anything at all!

and so, Mr. Wagner, would you have approved of Auschwitz?

I feature the divine music of  Beethoven’s ‘Fur Elise’ this morning for many reasons. Partly my own enjoyment, because to watch and to hear a talented virtuoso perform this enchanting piece is like balm to a wounded soul; but also to ask, as I attempt to do so in my headline, a very important  question. Does, or should, a composer’s or artiste’s politics or beliefs have any place in the performance of that composer’s or artiste’s works?

Consider Wagner: his works feature majestic themes, fantastic sweeping lyrical overtures and superlative works such as the ‘Ring of the Nibelung’ and ‘Lohengrin’; the majesty of ‘Gotterdamerung’ from that same ‘Ring’ series, and many, many more. His works espoused nationalistic pride, and deep fervour, and those works still speak to many today. But he was also a vehement and vicious anti-Semite, and his efforts to keep Jews out of his orchestras and audiences are well documented. But should we allow his beliefs to intrude on our enjoyment of his superb musical works?

Now I would move to the young lady who performed with skill and verve in that performance featured in the video. She is Russian, and besides being extremely well-known for her skills at the piano, she is also well-known for her pro-Russian and –Putin pronouncements especially on the subject of the Ukraine, and Russia’s involvement with that unhappy State. She is a fervent Nationalist, and whilst I might have an argument as to the target of her adoration; namely the Russian federation, and Putin as its boss: I have no qualms at all with her philosophy, which is Nation above all. There is nothing wrong, in my view, with expressions of a deep love for the country of one’s birth, and allied to that love, a hope that that country will prosper. But that is why Miss Lisitsa has been told that she is no longer welcome to play the piano with the  Toronto Symphony Orchestra, which had booked Lisitsa to perform Rachmaninov’s 2nd Piano Concerto with the orchestra last Friday.

It seems as though the local chapter of the Ukrainian Nut-Cases National (Canadian Branch) was ‘deeply offended’ by Miss Lisitsa’s tweets and comments, and threatened legal action. So, because of a so-called ‘hate-speech’ agenda, a vivacious, charming and talented pianist will not be playing Rachmaninov in Canada; and yet another nail has been driven into the already-dormant body which is labelled ‘Freedom of Speech’ in this once tolerant world in which we live. So, enjoy those fragrant moments ‘Fur Elise’, and sympathise, if you will, with the citizens of Toronto, whose orchestra management caved in at the slightest sound of the noise and fury of the so-called Liberal Left!

NHS…….Free for all?

During the so-called Leaders’ Election debate, Nigel Farage made a point of picking out ‘Health Tourism’ and those who have contracted HIV in particular, as being a huge drain on the British N.H.S. He was roundly condemned by a couple of the so-called Party Leaders, including Plaid Cymru’s and Labour’s as being ‘disgusting’ and ‘uncaring’.

Now I may be one cynical old man, but do any readers think it truly surprising that only eleven days after the UKIP leader dropped his verbal, truthful but probably very unwelcome bombshell; the Dept. of Health issued an order that all NHS hospitals check the residence and immigration status of anyone who checks into outpatients or A&E, to make sure they are legally entitled for free treatment. Inclusive, I might add, of any more Nigerian expectant mothers of quintuplets!

Nigel might just have his uses after all.

We should be represented in Red Square.

Around this time in the electoral debate, politicians usually cling to statistics, well, lets all accept that  the phrase which should be used is ‘comforting statistics’: the numbers which seem to bear out their point of view.

So, on an entirely different area of discussion, let us all review some settled statistics.

Soviet Russia, the ally of the Western powers after that nation had been invaded by Hitler’s armoured legions, lost around 12,000,000 military dead as a direct result of the Nazi invasion.

All the Allied deaths combined (America, British & Commonwealth, European) totalled 1,300,000.

There are fewer and fewer WW2 veterans left who can remember their struggles in World War Two, and even a fervent anti-Communist such as myself; after being exposed to its delights when a young  Engineering Officer in the Merchant Navy, can forget the sacrifices of the Russian people, who never had much say in how they were ruled; before the tides of war changed, and the Red Army and Air Force commenced their march towards Berlin and victory.

So, on May 9th, when the new Russia marches in memory of those who fell, we should be sending the Heir to the Throne to stand in solidarity with those who stood with us some seventy years ago; because we should never forget that, despite her leaders being tyrannical despots themselves, their people fought, bled and died so that, some seven decades later, despite the Crimea, despite Russia’s belligerence today;  FP&W followers can read these words in ‘comparative’ freedom!

Fair enough, the British Prime Minister, whoever manages to crawl out of the electoral carnage will be busy forming a Government; the Monarch must be in residence to invite that politician to form Her Government; but Charlie has got the time, and he should go to Moscow.

Reply to Roberta Blackman-woods’ ‘Parliamentary Report’

Sent to the editors of local newspapers:-

For the attention of The Editor

​Dear Sir,

I have just received the  alleged ‘Parliamentary Report’ from Roberta Blackman-woods, and I wish to give my interpretation of the document, which is aimed squarely at the Labour-dominated  Sheep Electorate of Durham City.

Working alongside schools…translated to mean… agreeing and complimenting a totally-biased, misleading, damning​ and one-sided Ofsted report on a Christian Durham Free School.

Standing up against NHS Privatisation…translates as…

​Warning the Coalition Government against giv​ing​ 1.2% more contracts to private firms than Labour did over the last five years of their Westminster catastrophic rule.

Seeking help with energy bills…..translates to…not voting in a Bill to remove the hugely expensive Wind Turbine subsidy, which costs more than three times the normal rate for electricity.

Seeking improvement in local amenities...translates to….Warmly supporting the ludicrous County Council Plan to build on 75% of the immediate Green Belt around Durham City.

Sky diving to raise funds……..translates to…”Not really sure why a middle-aged woman does something truly silly like that; but it sure looks good in the newspapers.”

What the ‘Report’ does not state is this arrogant woman still claimed to be the City’s MP after Dissolution until I sent her a second e-mail telling her to get it changed pronto!

What the ‘Report’ does not say is why she remained silent while a Labour Chancellor was sending our economy into decline.

What the ‘Report’ does not say is why she supported the years of Immigration Avalanche, especially from the countries who gave us the ​Fifth Column of two million-odd Muslims who now infest the ghettoes they have built in England.

My judgement on this woman’s performance…………..

​Labour clone, therefore ​Useless!


Mike Cunningham

A political advert that speaks to the UK mindset

I have often compared Labour voters, up here in the former industrial heartland of England, to a bunch of sheep; but that is, truly, an injustice to the average sheep. Those Labour loyalists will vote for any nonentity, jobsworth or inheritor of a seat (council or Westminster) on the Buggins-turn basis, as long as they tie the Labour rosette around their fat necks, and pledge loyalty to the latest Labour nonentity who gets, or buys, sufficient Union votes to become Labour leader. The Lib-Dims are just as bad; those of a Tory persuasion are not visible, mainly from a self-preservation basis.

I received the first of the innumerable Election leaflets, promising roses, sunny days and everyone will be happy: if only we would vote Labour. And, folks, the worst part of that leaflet is that the sheep will believe it, and accept every word as Gospel!

But I saw yesterday the first really truthful campaign advert of this Election campaign, and although I may not vote for a UKIP candidate as I usually just spoil my vote out of sheer disgust at the choices available: based on the thinking behind this advert, I may well change my mind.


being of sound mind; I do declare…..

I have accepted, finally, that my time is drawing to a close. I am not ill, though it is true that I have certain health problems, all of which are not life-threatening. But, I have accepted that as I have now exceeded the old accepted term of three score and ten years; sooner or later I will hopefully be left, by a family member: mid-winter, on an exposed stretch of moorland in this my favourite part of England, the very country of my birth; with below-zero temperatures, so that I might leave at my own choosing, at my own discretion and volition, and with the minimum amount of bother.

The most important item has already been completed; that is of course  my Will.  My wife, then my children; and then my three grandsons are all included.

Several individual bequests are made, but no provision, nothing at all, will go from my estate to any so-called charity or religious group; because in my own view just about all of the these so-called charities are simply vehicles for a few to get super-sized salaries, many more to ‘earn’ salaries far in excess of their worth, and the amounts of money which actually finds a passage to the targeted individuals or areas is tiny. The truly politicised ‘big name’ charities, such as the R.S.P.C.A., or Oxfam, or any of a dozen other fake charities which exist largely on either government or e.u. funding, would never ever get a penny from me, because they are all leftist-oriented, liberal-elitist run, shams for lobbying groups intent on forcing us to do this, or refrain from that, or anything that they, as the ‘experts’ know is ‘not good for us’.

I used to have time for the R.N.L.I., mainly because they are associated with the dangers of the sea, but the news of all those super-sized salaries for the executives called time on them. I also gave to the Anthony Nolan Trust, one of the very few donor charities of which I had even time for; but, there again, when one reads of two Trust executives earning over £100,000.00, that knowledge alone stops any generous gesture in its tracks.

My view is simple, ignore all the do-gooders, mainly because most of them are either too stupid, too self-centred or too foolish to be even listened to.  My elder brother died without my reconciliation, mainly over an argument about our respective political beliefs, and that I shall regret for ever; but that is, now history. I truly wish that I had made up with him, but he died in a short time, delirious, in a drug-induced semi-coma, so he probably would not have understood any attempt to heal a breach in family. Give to your family, use bequests to mend fences with those you may have argued with, give freely to your kin, and avoid those bottomless money pits, formerly known as ‘Charities’, like the very plague they have become!