being of sound mind; I do declare…..

I have accepted, finally, that my time is drawing to a close. I am not ill, though it is true that I have certain health problems, all of which are not life-threatening. But, I have accepted that as I have now exceeded the old accepted term of three score and ten years; sooner or later I will hopefully be left, by a family member: mid-winter, on an exposed stretch of moorland in this my favourite part of England, the very country of my birth; with below-zero temperatures, so that I might leave at my own choosing, at my own discretion and volition, and with the minimum amount of bother.

The most important item has already been completed; that is of course  my Will.  My wife, then my children; and then my three grandsons are all included.

Several individual bequests are made, but no provision, nothing at all, will go from my estate to any so-called charity or religious group; because in my own view just about all of the these so-called charities are simply vehicles for a few to get super-sized salaries, many more to ‘earn’ salaries far in excess of their worth, and the amounts of money which actually finds a passage to the targeted individuals or areas is tiny. The truly politicised ‘big name’ charities, such as the R.S.P.C.A., or Oxfam, or any of a dozen other fake charities which exist largely on either government or e.u. funding, would never ever get a penny from me, because they are all leftist-oriented, liberal-elitist run, shams for lobbying groups intent on forcing us to do this, or refrain from that, or anything that they, as the ‘experts’ know is ‘not good for us’.

I used to have time for the R.N.L.I., mainly because they are associated with the dangers of the sea, but the news of all those super-sized salaries for the executives called time on them. I also gave to the Anthony Nolan Trust, one of the very few donor charities of which I had even time for; but, there again, when one reads of two Trust executives earning over £100,000.00, that knowledge alone stops any generous gesture in its tracks.

My view is simple, ignore all the do-gooders, mainly because most of them are either too stupid, too self-centred or too foolish to be even listened to.  My elder brother died without my reconciliation, mainly over an argument about our respective political beliefs, and that I shall regret for ever; but that is, now history. I truly wish that I had made up with him, but he died in a short time, delirious, in a drug-induced semi-coma, so he probably would not have understood any attempt to heal a breach in family. Give to your family, use bequests to mend fences with those you may have argued with, give freely to your kin, and avoid those bottomless money pits, formerly known as ‘Charities’, like the very plague they have become!

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