Reply to Roberta Blackman-woods’ ‘Parliamentary Report’

Sent to the editors of local newspapers:-

For the attention of The Editor

​Dear Sir,

I have just received the  alleged ‘Parliamentary Report’ from Roberta Blackman-woods, and I wish to give my interpretation of the document, which is aimed squarely at the Labour-dominated  Sheep Electorate of Durham City.

Working alongside schools…translated to mean… agreeing and complimenting a totally-biased, misleading, damning​ and one-sided Ofsted report on a Christian Durham Free School.

Standing up against NHS Privatisation…translates as…

​Warning the Coalition Government against giv​ing​ 1.2% more contracts to private firms than Labour did over the last five years of their Westminster catastrophic rule.

Seeking help with energy bills…..translates to…not voting in a Bill to remove the hugely expensive Wind Turbine subsidy, which costs more than three times the normal rate for electricity.

Seeking improvement in local amenities...translates to….Warmly supporting the ludicrous County Council Plan to build on 75% of the immediate Green Belt around Durham City.

Sky diving to raise funds……..translates to…”Not really sure why a middle-aged woman does something truly silly like that; but it sure looks good in the newspapers.”

What the ‘Report’ does not state is this arrogant woman still claimed to be the City’s MP after Dissolution until I sent her a second e-mail telling her to get it changed pronto!

What the ‘Report’ does not say is why she remained silent while a Labour Chancellor was sending our economy into decline.

What the ‘Report’ does not say is why she supported the years of Immigration Avalanche, especially from the countries who gave us the ​Fifth Column of two million-odd Muslims who now infest the ghettoes they have built in England.

My judgement on this woman’s performance…………..

​Labour clone, therefore ​Useless!


Mike Cunningham