We should be represented in Red Square.

Around this time in the electoral debate, politicians usually cling to statistics, well, lets all accept that  the phrase which should be used is ‘comforting statistics’: the numbers which seem to bear out their point of view.

So, on an entirely different area of discussion, let us all review some settled statistics.

Soviet Russia, the ally of the Western powers after that nation had been invaded by Hitler’s armoured legions, lost around 12,000,000 military dead as a direct result of the Nazi invasion.

All the Allied deaths combined (America, British & Commonwealth, European) totalled 1,300,000.

There are fewer and fewer WW2 veterans left who can remember their struggles in World War Two, and even a fervent anti-Communist such as myself; after being exposed to its delights when a young  Engineering Officer in the Merchant Navy, can forget the sacrifices of the Russian people, who never had much say in how they were ruled; before the tides of war changed, and the Red Army and Air Force commenced their march towards Berlin and victory.

So, on May 9th, when the new Russia marches in memory of those who fell, we should be sending the Heir to the Throne to stand in solidarity with those who stood with us some seventy years ago; because we should never forget that, despite her leaders being tyrannical despots themselves, their people fought, bled and died so that, some seven decades later, despite the Crimea, despite Russia’s belligerence today;  FP&W followers can read these words in ‘comparative’ freedom!

Fair enough, the British Prime Minister, whoever manages to crawl out of the electoral carnage will be busy forming a Government; the Monarch must be in residence to invite that politician to form Her Government; but Charlie has got the time, and he should go to Moscow.