Make my Day!

It seems as though the attempt to gun down Americans who were simply stating that they preferred that the First Amendment be upheld,  was brought to an abrupt end by one brave sixty-year-old Policeman, who advanced on the threat, killing one terrorist, wounded the second; then, as the wounded clown attempted to reach for a backpack, shot him twice more for being ‘really, really, stupid’!

But there are deeper questions here, which is when and will we see this brave American saluted by President Obama on the steps of the White House; or will this failed attempt to bring the deadly salute to a deadly religion not be the same say, as the salute to a deserter’s parents, or will it be downplayed to a ‘Domestic disturbance’ which somehow doesn’t qualify for a visit by senior Cabinet members such as the Attorney General, who probably would be visiting just to make sure that the two gunmen hadn’t been deprived of their civil rights and liberties without due cause.

And before anyone asks, I really do not believe that Pamela Gellar is a ‘Bigoted Blogger’!

A typical Left-Wing Salute.

One of the many themes engendered by the Labour Leadership during the late Election campaign was that of ‘Respect’. I reckon that they forgot to mention that the ‘Respect’ they were promoting was  a different ‘Respect’ to that understood by the vast majority of Hard-Left agitators and their supporters yesterday in Whitehall

The memorial, unveiled by Her Majesty some two days after that Muslim-inspired bombing carnage struck across the transport systems of London, missed the British Public’s notice mainly because the six-inch high headlines of that carnage obliterated the decency of that Memorial’s existence, but I do think we should see what the ‘Protesters’ actually think of both Decency and the Tory majority!