A typical Left-Wing Salute.

One of the many themes engendered by the Labour Leadership during the late Election campaign was that of ‘Respect’. I reckon that they forgot to mention that the ‘Respect’ they were promoting was  a different ‘Respect’ to that understood by the vast majority of Hard-Left agitators and their supporters yesterday in Whitehall

The memorial, unveiled by Her Majesty some two days after that Muslim-inspired bombing carnage struck across the transport systems of London, missed the British Public’s notice mainly because the six-inch high headlines of that carnage obliterated the decency of that Memorial’s existence, but I do think we should see what the ‘Protesters’ actually think of both Decency and the Tory majority!


One thought on “A typical Left-Wing Salute.

  1. Segregated meetings and vandalising womens monuments, its looking unlikely that the floating women will vote labour ever again.

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