Chill-out, its Goddard time-out

We are told by various leaks, rumours and op-ed pieces in the newspapers, that the much-vaunted and eagerly-awaited Independent Enquiry into Child Sexual Abuse would not, nor could not, begin for another six months, due to the disappearance of rubber bands, pencils and many of the Home Office ‘Friends of Lord Janner’ files (OoooPS!) and it would probably last about eight years. Which is about par for the course. If readers can remember, in those dim and distant days long ago, when the Chilcott Enquiry began taking evidence in 2009 about happenings, letters and details of ‘ who promised what to whom, and for what, and when’ of a lunatic war which accomplished little apart from 179 British military deaths and defeat, alongside many more American dead, and vast amounts of British and American treasure which neither country could afford.

The Iraq war indeed was directly responsible for the rise of ISIS, after the total lunacy of a Shia Iraqi Prime Minister given power, which he promptly used to vilify and murder his Sunni opponents; who eventually banded together, set themselves up in a lawless Syria, got mobile under the ISIS flag and promptly beat seven sorts of shit out of a badly-trained, underpaid and cowardly bunch of Iraqi Army regiments, who all entered the race to get the hell out of the Iraqi bases equipped and paid for by American cash. That same ‘Chilcott enquiry’ which, nearly eight-odd years after commencing, is still not ready to publish, and probably never will, because the dynamite which should be revealed, but will never, ever, get to see the light of day!

So, folks, I have come up with a solution which should please the survivors of these predatory perverts, even if it pleases no-one else! The Police and the Home Office should gather all the allegations listed by the survivors, and arrest, with a great deal of publicity, every named person. Every person, named as a suspect in these horrendous allegations should be promptly arrested, with the same degree of publicity, and the process of justice allowed to take its course. If the allegations are proven, justice will be done, and if nothing is shown to be factual, the suspects should be released. True, the attending publicity will probably ruin, or at least greatly damage, such members of the Establishment who have been named, but since we can safely state that there is definitely ‘no smoke without fire’; Justice will have taken is toll, and it will have served them right!

Then the Enquiry can roll along, giving employment to many wasters who otherwise would be unemployed, and of course unemployable!