An Honourable Man?

As I am first and foremost an Englishman, and after that British, I shall not link to the Trident document issued by William McNeillly. But this document’s appearance online should not be dismissed by the Royal Navy as the ‘meanderings of a very junior rating’, and “subjective and unsubstantiated personal views”.

I was able to access this document with two clicks of a mouse, and our enemies, of which there are many, will be able to read it exactly as I have done. The claims in this document are valid, and a Weapons System trainee should be listened to, and worries and stated concerns acted upon with alacrity.

Rating McNeilly has acted honourably, and if he acts as he states, and surrenders himself to the police, he might face a Court Martial, but should not be judged and dismissed out of hand!