It wasn’t considered appropriate!

As I was busy looking at other things on the busy days of May 6th, 7th & 8th; some news items apart from the General Election, more important than others, got missed. So, going back over the acres of newsprint as I looked back just over a fortnight ago, I spotted this item with specific reference to the travails of the forgotten 1400 white girls who were targeted by Muslim rape gangs in Rotherham, and of course who were also so badly served by those who were supposed to protect them.

It may surprise some who read blogs such as this, that the criminally-lax procedures by Rotherham social services alongside the politically-correct Rotherham Police, were not only foreseen but forewarned at least eight years ago. But the man who spoke those prophetic words was not being thanked for raising the profile of those young girls who were so badly betrayed by both the police as well as Social Services, he was being hauled into court on charges that he incited racial hatred. The Party which this man represented was the BNP, a bunch of maverick racists by some accounts, and by others as the inheritors of the Nazi Party of Hitler’s Germany. But what may have happened if, instead of concentrating upon the colour of a man’s skin, the BNP had concentrated upon what was actually occurring as a direct result of the massive influx of Muslims into our Society? Did the speaker state anything which was not true? Did he state anything which has not come to pass? The answer to both those questions is, of course, ‘No he did not!’

When the SNP heavies were flexing their muscles in the Referendum, they found that they could attack their opponents physically, and get away with it. The General Election in Scotland was plagued with reports similar to that which occurred during the Referendum, with Scottish Labour being drowned out by SNP muscle and noise, in a nasty, bullying manner which departs from the usual calm of a British election; mainly because the police stayed well away from any confrontation; probably because the Police Scotland upper echelon has a great deal of sympathy for the SNP.  We saw similar attacks on Democracy in Tower Hamlets, but fortunately four brave men stood up, and Lutfur Rahman was brought down.

I would end this small diatribe by recalling a Hustings meeting in Durham City some five-odd years ago before the 2010 Elections. I wrote about it at the time, and one small sentence has stayed in my memory. When I asked why the BNP candidate had not received an invitation, and had therefore been excluded from the proceedings, I was rewarded with an even thinner smile, and the answer, “It wasn’t considered appropriate.”.

Please note that I am not attempting to ‘whitewash’ (Pun fully intended) the BNP; but I would like our badly-battered Political system to accept that, as they are a legal Party, and that they have as much right as any to place their point of view before an audience; notwithstanding the fascist Left’s attempts to muzzle them.

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