if he rolls on top; its goodbye Vienna!

Along with a considerable portion of the British population, I am, once more, trying to lose weight. At this point, according to various charts and stats, I am obese, weighing some sixty-odd pounds above an ideal weight for my height. As I know and accept that this much extra weight is bad not only for my heart, but also for the rest of my body’s system; I am trying to do something about it; not, I would add, for the first time, but hopefully, this time I shall succeed.

A couple of years back, I was shopping in my local supermarket, when I spotted the most appalling sight. A small boy, about five years old was skipping along in front of his father. The father was not just fat, he was grossly huge; he waddled along, leaning backwards to balance his enormous gut as he moved slowly forwards. He obviously worried about his son, calling out to him not to hurt himself as he skipped along the aisle, but I wondered if he really understood the grave danger that he himself was facing. Illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, problems with bone joints stressed beyond belief; the list goes on. Unfortunately he is probably doomed to an early death, or at least prolonged illness, as his very education has been lacking in the information needed to make him understand he has choices, and paths to choose; apart from the one he is so obviously shuffling down at present.

I am not a great fan of the dreaded ‘Nanny State’, with some ‘gummint’ spy or official telling us what not to place in our mouths or shopping trolleys, but surely we can come up with an idea which attempt to inform the population of the problems facing them if they do not change their very lifestyles. I recently visited a zoo near Colchester, whilst visiting with my grandson; along with a fair cross-section of the mobile British population, and it truly was a chastening vision of how we actually live. The zoo itself wasn’t the greatest, badly planned and laid-out, but the worst thing wasn’t how the animals were treated, that was reserved for the human visitors. Row after row of fast-food stalls, kiosks, surrounded by a miasma of saturated fat and equally-saturated fat human beings. I would estimate that the normal slim or sensible visitor was outnumbered almost three-to-one by the fat, the very fat and the ‘Jeez-how-does-she-walk’ variety.

Some state that everyone should go their own way, and do their own thing; and they well may have a point, and I am no great fan of so-called ‘Slebs’ such as Jamie Oliver and his crusades for school meals and such; but we should be at least having a deep think; never mind a deep-pan pizza! I would leave you with this small, well, relatively small comment from a forum which was populated by people on a certain diet.

I’ve been on exactly one week. Went from 328 to 310.8. Which is a  loss of 17.2 pounds. I’ve cheated a little bit, ate some mixed nuts and a bunch of buffalo wings over the weekend.

That, folks, works out at 23 ½ Stones.

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